Hiro + Wolf Geo Pink Dog Bandana
Hiro + Wolf Geo Pink Dog Bandana
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Geo Pink Bandana

Hipster hounds know when a dog collar alone just won’t cut it. Make tails wag and give your pooch some swag with our brightly patterned dog bandanas, handmade in East London. 

As functional as they are fashionable, Hiro + Wolf dog bandanas slide easily onto any collar. Designed with a space in the centre for a D ring to fit through meaning they can easily be worn for walkies. 

Jazz up your existing collar with our signature geometric printed bandana or pair with our matching Geo Pink Collar to really get tails wagging in the park.

With two sizes in stock, they can be enjoyed by pooches both big and small. 


Size measurements:


Width: 18.5cm

Height: 13.5cm

Designed to fit onto our XS, S and M collars


Width: 23.5cm

Height: 16.5cm

Designed to fit onto our M, L and XL collars


Hand washable with soap or a mild detergent in cool water.

Leave to dry naturally at room temperature.

Do not tumble dry.