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Magic Star Catnip Cat Toy

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Tap into your fur-baby's natural instincts with our handmade cat toy. Filled with enticing cat nip, you'll get to see your cat pounce, jump, wrestle, and run. Send them wild with the catnip and the stretchy string which bounces when they tug it. The top knots give you a secure grip on the toy so you can dangle it in the air or drag it along the floor. 

Playing with your cat is a fantastic oppawtunity to bond, while exercising their need to hunt in a non-harmful way. Whether your kitty is fully-grown or a energetic kitten, they will love this toy just the same.

Designed to last, the soft material and the nature of crochet means your cat can easily sink in their teeth and claws, but without the dangers of splitting plastic. With a catnip and polyester filling, these toys are perfectly suitable for vegans.

Handcrafted in the UK by our master of crochet, Cheyenne, who spent hours upon hours perfecting the craft. In our interview with Cheyenne, she stated, "It’s a real labour of love. Especially when working towards toys, I knew I needed to have particular requirements to ensure they worked well for their purpose."

See our interview with Cheyenne here


Width 8cm x Height 8cm x String Length 37cm