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Vlisco Celebrate 170 Years of Manufacturing!

Vlisco Celebrate 170 Years of Manufacturing!

We love this animation produced for Vlisco's 170 Years Anniversary Show! What a beautiful animation to celebrate with! Produced by agency, Samen Met Max.

We are quite obsessed with Vlisco and this animation has added to the love. If you don't already know, we use Vlisco's gorgeous fabrics in our pet accessory collections. Currently, our Rocket and Sprite designs are made in their beautiful, bright and distinctive fabric designs.

Vlisco, based in Holland, pride themselves on quality, authentic craftmanship, now with 170 years of African print textile manufacturing experience, we love Vlisco for sharing a sustainable ethos with us. One of their missions – to expand its business and make a greater economic and social impact in African markets.

West Africa is an important producer for cotton and Vlisco's business there sourcing cotton is helping small farmers and their families livelihoods. 3,100 farmers are now engaged in cultivating cotton to meet Vlisco’s demand. Today about 18 million yards, or 41%, of the fabric for Vlisco’s factories in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire are sourced in Africa, while the remainder is from Asia. 
Vlisco has also been sourcing items for its ready-to-wear collection from small workshops in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, which employ 20 to 40 people. The value of this approach to Vlisco is significant because it reinforces its brand promise to offer its customers unique African textiles and products, with a distinct cultural identity. In addition, Vlisco is helping the workshops to meet labour and health and safety standards through a sourcing code of conduct, thus improving the lives of the artisans. Vlisco is working towards eliminating the use of child labour as CmiA-certified cotton is not a product of exploitative child labour. While also, decreasing negative environmental impact through sustainable farming methods: CmiA-certified cotton has a smaller ecological footprint as a result of reduced use of pesticides and lower greenhouse gas emissions. ~ facts from CDC Group

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