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One For The Dogfathers

One For The Dogfathers

Do you have any dogfathers in your life that you feel deserve a special treat? 
Yes? Well why not treat the human + hound in your life to goodies from Hiro + Wolf!

This father's day we'd like to share a couple of images with you that were taken by our friend, photographer extraordinaire Hamish Stephenson. The portraits are taken from a series of photographs of men and their dogs in East London. Pretty apt for (dog)father's day, don't you think?

Did you know that the history of Father's Day as seen today is not even a hundred years old. The celebration which originated in the United States, falls on the third Sunday every June in the UK, and has been celebrated since 1910. A woman named Ms Sonora Louise Smart Dodd of Washington was inspired by Mother's Day to plan a day acknowledging the important role played by fathers. Some scholars think its history is much older than we actually believe it to be. They say that the custom of honouring dad's on a special day is over 4,000 years old while some people believe it to be a form of pagan sun worship. 

We're not sure which side of the story to believe, but we do know that we'll be celebrating dads and dogfathers from all walks of life this weekend.
Robert + Timmy model our Kate Moross Handsfree Lead and Whippet Collar


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