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4 Free Gifts to Give Your Pet this Christmas
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4 Free Gifts to Give Your Pet this Christmas

Christmas can be an expensive time of year, and whilst many of us would love to treat our pets to lavish gifts, unfortunately our budget may not stretch that far. But that doesn't mean your pet has to miss out! Sometimes the best things in life are free, so why not treat your pet to one of these 100% free gifts? 


The Gift of Learning

Cats and dogs love to learn. Their clever little brains are constantly seeking out new information in the world around them. That is why teaching them a new trick is an excellent gift to keep their minds busy and happy. You can find lots of guides and videos online to help you teach your pet a new trick. Why not try teaching your dog to roll over or your cat to high-five? It's easier than you think! This fun form of enrichment is a great way to spend more time with your pet and they also get to enjoy being rewarded with lots of treats and praise. 


The Gift of Health

Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is critical to the wellbeing of your pet. With 1 in every 14 dogs and 1 in every 3 cats suffering from obesity here in the UK, it is im-paw-tant to make sure your pet is fit and healthy. Ensuring that your cat or dog is getting all the nutrients and exercise they need will ensure they live a long, happy and healthy life. Take some time to research your pet, their breed and find the diet that works best for them. Plan and implement a new exercise regime if your pet is overweight or lacking in exercise. You should also consult your vet if you plan on making any major changes to your pet's lifestyle.


The Gift of Play

How does your pet like to play? Another amazing free gift you can give to your pet is the ultimate play day. Whether that involves a trip to the beach, inviting their favourite friends round for a playdate or just the 2 of you and their favourite toy. Spending time with your pet doing what they love is a gift that they will treasure forever. Playing with your pet is not only essential for maintaining their physical health, it also provides great mental stimulation and an op-paw-tunity to bond. 


The Gift of Love

You know your pet better than anyone, so why not create their purr-fect day for them? Whether that's breakfast in bed, a long walkies through the woods, or napping on the sofa all day; think about what your pet enjoys the most and fill their day with all of their favourite things. Give them their favourite treats, play with their favourite toys and make their favourite nap spot extra comfy. The time we spend with our pets is the most precious gift that we can give to them. 

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