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4 Signs That Your Cat Loves You (And 4 Ways to Show You Love Them Back!)

4 Signs That Your Cat Loves You (And 4 Ways to Show You Love Them Back!)

We are a nation of cat lovers, in fact 24% of UK adults own a cat with an estimated population of 10.9 million pet cats residing here. However, moggies tend to get a bit of a bad rep for being more aloof or less affectionate than their canine counterparts. Whilst it’s true that cats are often less obvious in their affections than dogs, we don't think that means they love us any less! So, carry on reading if you want to find out 4 common ways that your cat is telling you they love you, as well as 4 things you can do to show you love them back. 
Written by Leona Chapman
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4 Signs Your Cat Loves You

  • Grooming
  • Multiple scientific studies show that if your cat enjoys giving you a bath it is because they see you as a member of their feline family, albeit an over-grown, furless one, and so they are trying to take care of you. Animals often groom one another as a way of bonding. So next time you get licked or groomed by your cat, just know that your feline friend is trying to show you some love.

  • Eye Contact 
  • Cats usually dislike eye contact, interpreting direct eye contact from a stranger - whether they are feline or human - as a threatening behaviour. If your cat happily looks you in the eye then that means they are totally comfortable with you and know that you are their friend. If they blink slowly whilst making eye contact then rest assured that they totally adore you, as this is a cat's ultimate display of love!

  • Headbutting
  • Cats mark their territory by using the scent glands on their cheeks and head that leave behind their own distinctive smell. By headbutting you or rubbing their head and cheeks against you, your cat is lovingly marking you as theirs, whilst also reminding you who is in charge, of course!

  • Meowing
  • Did you know that cats very rarely meow at one another? In fact, it is often thought that our feline friends use their meow to specifically communicate with people! And, just like us, your cat is unlikely to talk to you if they don’t like you (unless they want something!) If your cat does meow even when they are well-fed and content, then they are trying to talk to you. All good things, I'm sure. 

    cat wearing hiro and wolf dakar bow tie

    4 Ways to Show You Love Your Cat

  • Cat Massage
  • Simply stroking your cat from nose to tail provides them a great all-over massage that lowers their blood pressure as well as yours. Be sure to pay particular attention to any parts your cat loves getting stroked like behind the ears, under the chin or at the base of the tail. Massaging or stroking your cat also provides a great opportunity to check for fur mats, lumps, bumps, scratches or sores that may need attention too, making sure your kitty is in tip-top health. 

  • Treats
  • Who doesn’t love a treat?! Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than treating your cat to something extra special! So, skip the usual treats and spoil your cat with something new and exciting. Cats usually love treats that are small, stinky and rare! If you really want to spoil your cat, why not try making some treats yourself? We love this recipe from The Cookie Rookie ( as it uses luxurious salmon but is so simple to make, with only 3 ingredients! If your cat isn’t too fussed by food, why not pop some catnip in their favourite toy, or put a hot water bottle under a blanket in their favourite nap spot? 

  • Play
  • We all know that cats love to play, but if you want to show your kitty extra love then try and learn what kind of play they really enjoy. Like us, all cats are different, meaning the same toy may not have the same appeal from one cat to another. Some cats enjoy puzzle toys that engage their brains as they have to work out how to retrieve a treat. Other cats are more active and prefer play that involves climbing, clawing and hiding. Cat trees and outdoor play are perfect for these kinds of moggies. And most cats will be happy with a balled up piece of paper or an empty cardboard box destined for the bin! 

  • Learn Their Language
  • One of the best things you can do for your cat is to try and learn what they are trying to tell you. Your cat may love showing you their belly but that doesn’t always mean they want a belly rub. In fact, lying belly up is a very vulnerable position for your cat and it is their way of showing that they trust you, so often an invasive belly rub can send your cat all the wrong signals! Try and watch your cat to work out when and why they act a certain way, paying particular attention to their ears and tails as these are often the most expressive parts of a cat. Appropriate reactions to what they are trying to communicate encourages your cat to see you as a protector and a friend - in short, someone who loves them. 

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