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A Day in the Life of Bean the Coffee Shop Cat | UK Coffee Week
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A Day in the Life of Bean the Coffee Shop Cat | UK Coffee Week

Join us as we chat to Bean the cafe cat and her hoomans, Michaela and Britton. Bean is a fur-bulous cat about town and enjoys her role of socialising with all of the customers that visit Doubloons coffee shop. Here's what a day in the life of this little kitty is all about...


Can you tell us a little about yourselves and Doubloons? 
We are Britton and Michaela, from Oklahoma and London respectively. We met last year, fell in love and came up with a business idea on our first date. Doubloons was built on our mutual love of coffee and Michaela’s love for design. We opened our first Doubloons pop up in August and hope to expand to a permanent space in the near future. 



Bean wears our Rainbow Stripe collection 


Tell us a bit about Bean
We collected Bean in June when she was 2 months old, she’s now 6 months old - she’s sassy, super sociable and adventurous! 


What made you decide to have Bean become a shop cat? 
We always planned to harness train Bean in hopes she would be an adventure cat (even before we met her) and luckily that was very easy for us, as soon as we collected her we could tell she was a curious creature. Bean is otherwise an indoor cat and we wanted to dedicate our time to the business as well as raising her / wanting to spend time with her so it was natural that we would take her with us.


Bean wears our Mud Cloth collection


What does a typical day in the life of Bean entail?
Bean wakes us up every morning, demanding cuddles and breakfast, we play with her for a couple of hours before the shop opens. We transport her to the shop via her backpack. She sniffs around the shop and then curls up into her chair and sleeps as customers come in and give her pets which she loves.


How do people react when they see Bean in the shop?
People are generally amazed by the concept of a shop cat. The most common response is “she’s the cutest cat I’ve ever seen” - people are also impressed by how calm and sociable she is. 


Where else does Bean go with you? 
We mostly take Bean to cafes, for some reason they really calm her! She’s definitely a cafe cat. We also take her for walks on the beach.


Bean wears our Rainbow Stripe collection and plays with our Clawdia Crab felt toy

What are your essentials for keeping Bean happy in the shop?
Constant admiration! Somewhere safe to curl up, taking her for little walks during the day, cuddles and treats. The cafe lead has been a game changer! 


What is your favourite thing about working alongside Bean? 
Our favourite thing is just seeing her happy, she loves people and people seem to love her! We just love looking at her all day.


Where can people see more of Bean’s adventures? 
Bean has her own instagram @beanthebeachcat 


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