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Architecture for Dogs Exhibition

Architecture for Dogs Exhibition

Ever wondered what a life of luxury furniture and design could look like for our canine companions? The current exhibition at Japan House in London, titled 'Architecture for Dogs (犬のための建築)' is all about just that! Featuring a collection of architectural designs for dogs by world-class architects and designers, the internationally acclaimed exhibition is currently making its European debut at Japan House London with the addition of a brand new piece by legendary UK architect, Asif Khan. Currently, Japan House has had to close due to Covid restrictions, however they will be reopening in December and will soon have a virtual tour of the exhibition available to view on their website. The exhibition is currently set to run from 19 September 2020 to 10 January 2021. 

Image: Yoda Hiroshi

Photo: Yoda Hiroshi 

Architecture for Dogs, was put together by Hara Kenya, President of the Nippon Design Centre and Japan House Creative Advisor. It features the works of celebrated architects and designers including Ban Shigeru, Kuma Kengo, Itō Toyō, Sou Fujimoto, Atelier Bow-Wow and Ma Yansong amongst many others. The addition of Asif Khan's piece creates a link between the exhibition and the architectural scene in London which is becoming more and more influential to modern design. Each of the pieces on display offers guests a light-hearted and insightful exploration into architecture and design that can be useful and stylish for both dogs and their human companions. You can read an interview with Japan House and Hara Kenya here

Photo: Adrian Brooks, Imagewise

Photo: Adrian Brooks, Imagewise

The specially made architectural pieces are designed with a different dog breed in mind, including the Beagle, Bichon Frise, Shiba Inu, Boston Terrier and Poodle. The exhibition also encourages guests to become designers and makers themselves, with blueprints available for download and opportunities to design your own architecture for dogs. A series of virtual experiences is also on offer, including a 3D Tour, online talks and ‘live’ guided tours. Architecture for Dogs was first launched at Design Miami in 2012 and has since received global recognition, touring in Japan, China and Brazil. To read more about the exhibition and find dates for the online events, click here

Photo: Yoda Hiroshi Photo: Yoda Hiroshi 

Header photo by Yoda Hiroshi, from the Japan House website.

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