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Hiro + Wolf
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Behind the Scenes - Galaxy x Groom Dog City

Behind the Scenes - Galaxy x Groom Dog City

Here's a behind-the-scenes shot from our latest collection, Galaxy, along with a couple from Wolf's favourite place to get a trim and blow-dry, Groom Dog City. On this shoot, we collaborated with grooming expert, Stuart, from Groom Dog City; situated off Columbia Road, we highly recommend Stuart's expertise for all of your pooch's hair-do needs.

The photoshoot includes Ralph and Molly, Groom Dog City's very own in-house hounds who modelled for us and took to the task like ducks to water.
Big thank you to all involved, we're really proud of this shoot and collection!

 behind the scenes Hiro and Wolf Galaxy ShootStuart and Ralph Groom Dog City

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