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Benefits of Taking Your Dog to Work
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Benefits of Taking Your Dog to Work

Offices around the world are about to become a lot cuter this Saturday as it is Take Your Dog to Work Day! If you want to get involved with Take Your Pet To Work Day, or just want to take your pet to work for the first time, we thought we'd share some of the great ways that your hard-working hound can improve your work life...


Since 1999, when the national 'Take your dog to work day' campaign was launched, efforts to integrate dogs into everyday work are increasing in popularity. There are numerous surveys which show that having a dog at work can reduce stress and boost performance and job satisfaction. 


Researchers in the US looked at 75 staff over a week, comparing stress levels, job satisfaction and feelings about support from, and commitment to, the company. Their findings showed that people who took their dogs to work were less stressed as the day went on compared to those who didn’t. It also showed that having dogs around can boost morale and that the employees with access to dogs had higher job satisfaction than industry norms. 



More than 90% of businesses asked in a Blue Cross survey that allowed dogs at work said they’d seen a positive change in the working environment. One in two businesses noticed a decrease in absenteeism, 56% said their dog had improved work relations, and 67% said it improved staff morale! Not only do the owners benefit from bringing their dogs to work, but also non-dog owners who share their work environment and ultimately also the companies themselves.


Another amazing benefit of bringing your dog to work is obviously for your dog themselves! Many dogs experience anxiety when left at home alone, and so bringing them to work with you can help to alleviate this worry. If you usually have a dog sitter or walker, this additional cost can end up adding up very quickly! Again, bringing your dog along to the office with you means that you no longer have to worry about these additional costs. By coming to work with you, your dog will be able to meet new people, socialise and spend less of their time alone. What pup doesn't want belly rubs on tap?! 


If you need any advice on bringing your dog to work with you, click here to see our top tips.


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