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This Black Friday, November 29th 2019, Hiro + Wolf will be holding a profit-share with Blue Cross for our first “Black Dog and Cat Friday” inspired by our very own black rescue dog, Wolf.

We as a company hope to bring attention to the struggles black pets face during the adoption process and so from Black Friday through to Midnight on Cyber Monday Hiro + Wolf will donate 10% of all our in-store and online sales to the charity.

The Blue Cross have an excellent record of finding forever homes for multi-coloured and black pets alike and so we have chosen to support their excellent work this weekend. Jenny Murrell from the Blue Cross says,

"On average black cats spend 6% more time in our care before being chosen for rehoming. We are so grateful to Hiro + Wolf for holding their Black Friday event to raise awareness of this and fundraise for our charity."

Since ancient times, black dogs and cats have been the centre of many folklore tales and mythological stories. It was said that they carried bad luck or omens of death, often associated with witchcraft and other dark ideologies. Such stories created stigmas surrounding black animals, beginning a negative association with black fur. The fact that darker fur simply does not photograph as well as other colours poses another, more modern problem.

When a pet’s photograph on an adoption website isn’t great, their chances of finding their forever home are decreased. According to black pets aren’t just overlooked - these factors have created what’s called the “black dog syndrome”. Affecting more than just canines, black animals across the globe are seen as more aggressive, antisocial, less attractive, and less likely to make good pets. This has created a world in which black pets are consistently the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanised. With this upcoming Black Dog and Cat Friday, Hiro + Wolf is hoping to inform people of these negative and incorrect associations, and hopefully shine some light on what amazing companions these animals can be.

Blue Cross has been working with abandoned and in-need animals since 1897, helping thousands of pets every year receive the care they need. Whether it’s medical treatment, behavioural training, or just a loving home, Blue Cross is dedicated to placing these animals in the hands of supportive and well-educated pet owners. With around 40,000 dogs, cats, horses, and small animals being cared for in a year, any size donation counts.

We hope to see you on Black Friday through to Cyber Monday to join in as we support such a wonderful cause!

To find out more about the work Blue Cross do head to or join us at our annual Festive Fundraiser where we will be supporting the charity once again this year. 

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