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Bonfire Fright!

Bonfire Fright!

While most of us humans love Guy Fawkes Night and spectacular firework displays, our furry friends probably won't agree. 

The explosions caused by fireworks have been known to give some domestic pets heart problems, nausea, tremors, debilitating fears and light-headedness. During firework displays animals are often confused as to where the loud noises are coming from which makes them run frantically away. Unfortunately, this sometimes results in them being hit by a car. Other animals may be too close to the explosion and receive burns or eye damage as a result. 

The above sounds horrible, doesn't it?

Now let us introduce firework company, Setti Fireworks. They're based in Italy and changing the game in the world of gunpowder, and people in the town of Collecchio, in Italy back this business idea and are doing something about the pet unfriendly firework issue. The local government has introduced new legislation forcing citizens to use silent fireworks as a way of respecting the animals and reducing the stress caused them. 

We think this is a marvellous idea! Wonder if this legislation could make its way over to the UK...

Both Hiro + Wolf aren't fans of fireworks and have often resorted to these natural Valerian remedies to calm their nerves around the time of Bonfire night and they highly recommend them for their feline and pooch pals who often get a fright too. Along side this, plenty of cuddles seem to do the trick.

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