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Bringing Your New Dog Home | Top Tips & Tricks

Bringing Your New Dog Home | Top Tips & Tricks

Whether you have adopted an older dog or you are bringing home a new puppy, welcoming a new dog into your home is a big responsibility! There are lots of important things to consider before your new best friend sets foot in their forever home, so we thought we'd put together our top tips & tricks to help you best prepare...


Pick the right time

The first few days are going to be an adjustment for both you and your new dog and you’ll need to be at home to settle them in, therefore it is important you have time off work and no other commitments. During this period of time it’s best not to allow too many visitors so that your dog doesn’t feel overwhelmed with new people and experiences, so choose a time that is best suited for both you and your new dog. 


Remain calm 

Although you will undoubtedly be very excited to welcome your new canine companion, it is important to remain calm so that your dog doesn't get overstimulated or anxious. Loud noises and sudden movements can be alarming for dogs finding themselves in totally new situations, so the more predictable your behaviour is the better. 



Help them gain their confidence

It is important the help your new pup feel confident and comfortable in their new surroundings. If possible, keeping a toy or blanket of theirs from wherever they lived before you got them is a good way to help them feel safe as it has familiar scents on it. Taking your time to play with and be around your new dog will also make them feel settled in much faster. 


Travel Safety

Make sure you have a crate or a harness to transport your dog safely. The crate will need to be big enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in easily. It is also important to ensure that you don’t travel in really hot conditions for long periods as this is bad for your dog. If you can, make sure your dog has a meal at least an hour before you set off as this will reduce the likelihood of them getting travel sickness. If your journey is long, you’ll need to stop regularly for your pup to take toilet breaks and to keep them hydrated. 


Most of all, have fun and congratulations on your new best friend! 




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