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Bespoke Orders | Custom Size Dog & Cat Collars

Bespoke Orders | Custom Size Dog & Cat Collars

Does your dog struggle to fit into standard size collars? Would you prefer a different coloured leather with your favourite print? Whatever it is, we can make your dream collar a reality! As we make every single one of our collars by hand, we are able to make custom adjustments to nearly all of our designs to help bring your perfect collar to life. Whether you have an extra-large hound or a teeny-tiny kitty, we think every pet deserves a collar that is perfect for them. We recently spoke to Wendy, owner of Hunter the Poodle, who has 2 custom collars made by us and recently did some modelling too! Here's what Wendy had to say...



"I searched for standard poodle breeders for 8 months and found a wonderful family in Chatham, Kent. I visited several times from 5 weeks of age and choose Hunter the Brave. I brought him home at 8 weeks and the bonding journey began! I brush his teeth each morning (which he loves) as well as give him a wash and brush up weekly that he stands on his table for and enjoys immensely. He is an absolute pleasure to own and he does obedience training, agility and lots of tricks!"


"We went all over London looking for collars for our boy and spent several hundred pounds but nothing was quite right! We were on Hampsted heath and saw a dog show advertised looked it up on the internet and saw Hiro + Wolf were having a stall. When I arrived at the show my first stop was your stall and when I held the collars and could see the quality I was sold hands down and have since had 2 collars custom made and bought several leads! I evem had a lovely trip to Margate to visit the shop and take a walk on the beach and have a fish/chip supper - Hunter had a ball!"

"If you have a dog/cat with a larger/smaller than normal neck size would definitely recommend having a bespoke collar made. Sizing is perfect, not to mention the kudos you get from people your pet and yourself meet out and about! I get stopped constantly asking about his collars and he gets a quick stroke whilst their looking!"



Watson (@watson_thedoguedebordeaux) wears a custom Shuka Blue Dog Collar that was made to match the Hiro + Wolf collar he wore as a puppy. "At 5.5 months old, Hiro + Wolf made me a super large 50-60cm diameter dog collar to match my puppy dog collar.. I adore it!"


If you would like to order a bespoke collar or lead of your very own, all you need to do is get in touch with us! Send us an email with your pets measurements, as well as the item you would like to order to If you need help measuring, take a look at our sizing guide here.

Please note, custom orders will incur a small additional fee and will take around 2 working weeks to be made, however all of these details will be confirmed with you before purchase. 

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