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Dog-Friendly Activities For The Best Summer Ever
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Dog-Friendly Activities For The Best Summer Ever

Summer is well and truly here, and you're bound to want to head outside on some exciting adventures. And if you're anything like us, you're going to want to bring your dog along, too! We've rounded up all of our favourite Summer activities that are perfect for enjoying with your canine companion...


Go Wild Swimming

A great way to cool down for human and hound alike! A refreshing dip can really help to beat the heat and keep you both comfortable during the hotter months. As dogs aren't allowed in swimming pools (though some local pools may offer dog-friendly sessions), wild swimming is a great way to enjoy the water with your four-legged friend. 'Wild swimming' simply refers to swimming in any natural body of water such as a lake, river or the sea. Wherever you choose to swim, make sure to do your research and stay safe. 

If you don't love the idea of swimming, you could always take your dog kayaking or canoeing instead. Many boat rentals are dog-friendly but always check before you travel. 


Explore the Woods 

A woodland hike is a great way to spend a Summer afternoon with your dog. The trees provide a shady canopy, helping to keep both of you cool. Your dog will also love getting to explore all the new sights, sounds and smells of the woodlands. Find a trail in your local area that is suitable for yours and your pups needs, pack a bag and off you go! We recommend a hands-free lead for the ultimate, stress-free hiking experience. Why not pack a picnic to enjoy with your four-legged friend whilst you're there? 



Visit the Beach 

We know, this is an obvious one, but it's obvious for a reason! We love exploring the beautiful Kentish coast with our dogs, and we think it is the perfect way to spend a sunny day. Dogs love the beach, from the chance to dip their paws in the water to the opportunity to dig in the sand, there's a lot for a pup to love! Although not every beach will be dog-friendly in the Summer months, it is worth doing the extra research to find one that is. We often prefer visiting the dog-friendly beaches during the Summer holidays as they are far less crowded, giving you more room to explore. 

If you are looking for some inspiration, here are some of our favourite dog-friendly beaches here in the U.K. 


Take a Mini-Break

Travel somewhere new and exciting or spend some time exploring your own city. Either way, having a mini-break together allows for some serious bonding time and is sure to be lots of fun. So many places are dog-friendly, including pubs, restaurants, attractions, heritage sites, shops, hotels and more, allowing you the chance to really sink your teeth into your holiday. Travelling with your dog doesn't have to be difficult, just make sure you're prepared ahead of time and do your research.

If you're looking for some top tips on travelling with your canine companion, click here. If you're planning a dog-friendly trip to Margate, have a look at our guide here.



Dine Out Together

One of our favourite Summer activities is dining al-fresco, and luckily for us, many of our favourite restaurants are pup-friendly when dining outdoors. We recommend trying to find a shady spot when bringing your pup along to dine with you (and don't forget the treats!) A cafe lead can be particularly helpful when dining out as you can easily secure your dog and keep them safe. 

If you're looking for some tips on dining out with your dog, take a look at our guide here.


There are so many excellent Summer activities for you and your dog to enjoy. Just remember that just like us, dogs can overheat, dehydrate, even get sunburn on particularly sunny days. Always be careful when out in the sun and keep a close eye on your dog for any signs of heatstroke. It’s always best to schedule your activities before or after the hottest midday hours and bring along lots of fresh cool water and pup-approved sunblock for the day. For tips on keeping your pet safe and cool, click here.

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