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Meet the Dog Mum: Abigail Ahern

Meet the Dog Mum: Abigail Ahern

As part of our Dog Mum series we catch up with interior designer come TV personality and author, Abigail Ahern. Abigail's late dog, Maud, was a playmate of Hiro and Wolf's from London Fields in Hackney and so we couldn't wait to learn about the Ahern family's newest addition to the pack, Monkey and how Wyrtle was coping with a new pup about the house.


We got Monkey at 9months and since he arrived he has been so laid back, is such a gentle soul and so so easy. He was a rescue and went through a lot of homes before us, and had huge separation issues, which has gotten better over the years. Wyrtle is another kettle of fish we got her at three months and she is into everything! Wyrtle is super crazy from chewing EVERYTHING to zooming around, pinching and burying anything Monkey has and being beyond full on. We are now at seven months in and she is starting to settle down a little although it is still quite manic!

Our favourite thing to do together is on the weekends where we have a little more time to go for longer rambles. From the Royal Parks to along the canal to the Tow Path café.

abigail ahern with dogs

I mostly love how different their characters are from Monkey’s chilled laid backness which makes us all feel super relaxed to Wrtyle’s craziness which puts us on edge! I love how they interact, when we lost Maud I was super worried about Monkey and bringing a puppy into the house but actually it was the best thing we could have done. Its given him a new lease of life I feel. 

What they love most about me I would think is the games we play. Every evening football, tug of war, running up and down the garden., chase. They brighten my days these two, no matter how full on or stressful the biz can be all that goes out the door when I get home. 

monkey and wyrtle

On mother’s day I reckon they would give me food – because they know  I share everything with them and they are super good about thinking of themselves! I reckon they would put their little heads together and buy me a steak! Not that I eat meat anymore but that wouldn’t worry them.

Follow Abigail's adventures with her pack on instagram.

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