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Meet the Dog Mum: Evie Kemp

Meet the Dog Mum: Evie Kemp

We first came across the multi talented Evie Kemp on instagram when she posted a pic of her pups wearing Hiro + Wolf in the colour-pop room of our dreams! Based in Auckland, Evie has a unique eye for the maximalist and eclectic. Her work branches across the areas of art, design, styling, interiors, fashion and lifestyle, bringing fresh and exciting ideas to life with her distinctive style and approach. We catch up to find out more about her life as a Dog Mum.


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What were Pebbles and Biggie like as pups?

Pebbles looked a LOT like a little Kunekune pig (a small domesticated NZ pig) with her funny curly tail and weird markings. From day one she's been trouble, sassy, pushy and so funny.

Biggie is a bit of a miracle for being in one piece, he apparently led his litter mates off a terrace, and another time nearly down the well. He used to jump out of a window at least 8ft up to get in to the garden, then he'd run back round in to the house and do it again! 

What's your favourite thing to do together or place to go?

They both just love going to my parents place in the country, where they get to run around (and annoy) their four dogs. My mum feeds them ridiculous amounts including freshly made "dog soup" (for dogs, not containing dogs!). Pebbles goes swimming in the pond and Biggie just runs and runs, and then they'll all collapse on the sofas or in front of the fire. 

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What do you like most about being a Dog Mum?

Gah, almost everything! 

I love Biggie's love and gentleness. We had a really hard time with his sensitivities as a young dog and I thought I couldn't be the owner he needed, but fate had other plans and 6 years in I'm grateful every day for that. He's still very anxious and fearful of dogs and situations that he doesn't know, but mostly we know how to handle that and he has a great life and makes our life great. He does this thing where he presses his head in to you for a stroke, until he's pretty much upside down, it's so sweet. 

Oh, and when he's been left for too long he chews my shoes, but is so ineffectual that my shoes just get moved round the house. I love that!

I love Pebbles' spark and tenacity. She makes me laugh constantly. I love how weird and unusual she is, she's my little symbol of the wonder in being different. She rolls on to her back and waggles her legs in the air when she wants a tummy tickle which is pretty much 6pm - bedtime. 

What do you think your pups loves the most about you?

I think Biggie loves that I work from home and I think they both love that I'm a total pushover. 

cute dog on sofa

What do you think they would give you on Mother's Day?

I think Pebbles would totally get me a pack of tennis balls to throw for her. She's quite self focused like that 😂

I think Biggie would draw me a cute picture, he's a gentle boy. 


Thanks Evie! Follow the colourful adventures of Evie and her pack on instagram.


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