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Our Favourite Eco Friendly Cat Toys

Our Favourite Eco Friendly Cat Toys

Here at Hiro + Wolf we constantly challenge ourselves to do better on our sustainability journey. As well as thinking about our carbon footprint (all our products are made here in the UK) we also ensure all of our packaging is 100% recycled and plastic free, even for online orders. However we know that owning a cat often comes hand in hand with a lot of waste. Whether it's toys, bowls, litter or packaging, it's easy to accumulate a lot of rubbish that will ultimately get sent straight to landfill. However, there are some wonderful eco-friendly products on the market that can help reduce your cats carbon paw-print. Many cat toys are made from plastic or other man-made, non-recyclable materials meaning that they cause greater harm to our planet than toys made from natural, recyclable materials that are made to last. So, we have rounded up some of our favourite eco-friendly cat toys to help your feline friends live a greener lifestyle.


Natural Pet Woolly Mouse - The Natural Pet Store

This cute little mouse toy is made from 100% cotton inside and out and is even filled with irresistible catnip! Not only is this toy made from completely natural, eco friendly materials, the packaging is also completely recycled. These little mice are also robust, meaning they are made to last so that you don't have to replace them regularly, reducing waste. Cats will love playing with this mouse toy as it is soft and realistically mouse-like, encouraging your cats natural pouncing and catching behaviour.

Honeysuckle Wood Slice - Honeysuckle Cat Toys

Honeysuckle wood is a natural material that provides an excellent alternative to catnip and can be enjoyed for years and years. The natural scent of the wood excites cats, making them more playful. Wetting the wood with a drop or two of water strengthens the scent even further, purr-fect for older or fussier cats. Cats love chewing on these wood slices, so they are also great for younger cats and kittens who love to chew! The wood used for these toys is grown specifically for making these toys, and is farmed responsibly. The wood used is of the highest quality and is always strictly safety checked. 

Cork Ball Cat Toys - Noggins and Binkles

These colourful cork balls make a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic balls. The natural cork material has natural antibacterial properties and is also naturally water resistant. Cork is a sustainable material because it is made from the bark of oak trees, which is removed, then the bark can grow back and can be re-harvested years later. It is also a biodegradable material, so when your cat is done with these toys they do not end up in landfill. The spots and stripes design is hand painted using using an eco friendly vegan and natural paint made from organic linseed oil and natural pigments. In addition to being vegan and natural it is also non toxic, meaning it is totally safe for cats. 

Bertie The Budgie - Beco Pets

This bright yellow budgie toy is made from recycled plastic bottles and stuffed with catnip. This cute toy is also 100% recyclable, making it perfect for eco-conscious kitties. This toy is also double stitched, making it extra durable which means less waste! There are also two other cute characters to choose from; Freddie the Fish and Millie the Mouse. 

Black and white cat playing with Hiro + Wolf rainbow toy

Handmade Crochet Catnip Toys - Hiro + Wolf

Our Wizard of Oz inspired cat toys are all made by hand in Cornwall by crochet master, Cheyenne. Made from strong cotton yarn, these toys are not only durable but also eco-friendly. Each toy is filled with catnip and has a stretchy string at the top to pull on, making playtime extra fun! Each toy also has tassels, perfect for cats who love to swat and pounce. Available in 3 designs; Magic Star, Rainbow and Heart Pocket Watch. See our interview with Cheyenne here to see more about how these colourful toys are brought to life


If you'd like to learn more about plastic free pet care, you can read our blog post here, or read our 12 tips for sustainable pet ownership here

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