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INTERVIEW | Eroc the Skateboarding Dog

INTERVIEW | Eroc the Skateboarding Dog

Hiro + Wolf have teamed up with Eroc the Dog to showcase our new Ghana collection sourced by H+W's, Head of Adventure, Bee Friedmann.

"We wanted a dog that has the same sense of adventure as us to capture the spirit of these two new vibrant prints, so we looked no further than Eroc the skateboarding pooch!" says Bee.

Hiro + Wolf paired up with pro pet photographer Natalie Williams of Grey Dog Photo Studios to capture Eroc doing what he loves best, 'shredding nar'! Here we catch up with Eroc's human, Joel, to find out a little more about life with this talented tail-wagger. 

How did Eroc start skateboarding?

"Eroc just did it one day - he saw an unattended board, hopped on, and rolled away."

We know Eroc's welfare is of utmost importance to you, how do you make sure he stays safe whilst skating?

"There are several things I have to watch for, overheating mainly, so hydration is key. We consulted a doggy physiologist about what might be considered ‘too risky’, and her input has been invaluable in helping us know where to draw the line."

Eroc has become an Instagram sensation, how does he keep it real with his newly found fame?


What's next for Eroc?

"Puppies! Hahha, nah I don’t know really, there has never been a plan, it all just unfolded in our lap one day. I’m not overly keen on actively exploiting his talent, and I try to keep it fun. As you already said, Eric’s welfare is paramount, so I’m trying to hold it down as best I can, and take things as they come. Who know what’s next?!"

What's your favourite thing about life with Eroc?

"Free skate stuff! I feel we kinda lucked out with him temperament wise, he’s splendid company at all times."

What's Eroc's favourite piece from our new collection that he modelled?

"Eroc loved the bandanas, they match effortlessly with his rad skater style!"

Hiro + Wolf x Eroc the skateboarding Dog

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