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February Customer of the Month | @mygirlchaigirl

February Customer of the Month | @mygirlchaigirl

Introducing our customer of the month for February - Chai! Chai is a gorgeous red Toy Poodle based in London. She is the cutest little ball of fluff and we all totally fell in love with her when she visited our Margate store with her humans, Amy and Ken. We chatted with Amy to find out more about our favourite little red poodle...


What is Chai’s favourite snack?

Beautiful Joe’s liver treats

How did you and your dog meet?

We met Chai when we went to visit our KC breeder. Since we decided to get a puppy during lockdown, we couldn’t actually meet until gotcha day. Den and Anne (our breeders) sent us weekly video and photo updates which got us through lockdown. It was such a special day when we could take her home forever!

What is her favourite hobby?

Chasing a ball on our rooftop and going on family holidays

What’s your favourite thing about Chai?

So loving, friendly and easy-going. Everybody loves her.

Does your dog go by any nicknames?

Chai girl and Poody

Do you have a favourite dog friendly local business that you would like to shout out?

Ozone Coffee Roasters - they do the best bacon and they're super friendly humans 🥓


You can follow Chai's adventures on Instagram here

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