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Get your paws on a new Furbo with £20 off!

Get your paws on a new Furbo with £20 off!

We've teamed up with the fabulous folk at Furbo to offer Hiro + Wolf customers £20 off this clever piece of kit. You'll find out how at the end of our co-founder Bee's review of how this clever piece of technology has transformed her and Wolf's life.


Having a Furbo changed mine (and Wolf’s) life!  I know this sounds dramatic – but Wolfie is a very nervous little hound.  As a rescue his first few months in the world were not pleasant.  We met when he was 6 months old and it took a while for him to settle in.  He is now a lovely little chap and as one half of Hiro + Wolf comes to work with me every day.

After nine years together I still don’t like leaving him home along.  However, sometimes it is impossible to have Wingman Wolf at my side. On these occasions, I now feel much happier because I can check in on him with my Furbo Dog Camera and even give him treats! I have it set up in my lounge as I know this is where he waits for me – it’s the closest room to the front door.

When I leave I always check when I get in the car to see Wolf sitting on the arm of the sofa with his ears up listening to see if I have actually left.  He remains like this for around 10 minutes and then seems to settle down to snoozing on the sofa.  When I notice him walking around I can call his name through the Furbo and send him treats. He is definitely soothed by the sound of my voice accompanied by his favourite tasty morsel! 


I think that the Furbo is a great piece of technology and absolutely love having one to see my most precious little woofer when I am away from him.  I actually now look forward to leaving Wolf for short bursts of time as I rather enjoy spying on him (!) My phone also notifies me when he is barking which is mostly at passers by, it is so reassuring to see that when I am gone he sleeps most of the time.  I always imagined him sitting and shivering or pacing around but in reality he’s snoring away on his favourite blanket.

I love my Furbo and would not be without it!

Simply use code hirowolf20 via the Furbo website or click this link to automatically apply the discount to your cart.


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