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Graeme's Top Picks | The Bloom and Burn Edit

Graeme's Top Picks | The Bloom and Burn Edit

Our friend Graeme (owner of Bloom and Burn) has been a long-time supporter of Hiro + Wolf. Recently, he picked out some of his favourite pieces to put together this ultimate guide! 


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your dogs?


Hello, my names Graeme and I run a floristry studio, Bloom and Burn in the Kent countryside.  I have two dogs, Angelo a two year old rescue from Cyprus and Frida a one year old bedlington whippet.  When Angelo first arrived he was incredibly nervous and we struggled to even get him out the front door, he has a deep fear of anything with wheels, especially suitcases!  Frida is fearless and she’s definitely helped Angelo with his confidence, they are the best of friends and can easily amuse themselves when I have work to do.



What is your favourite Hiro + Wolf print?


The shuka red print is my favourite, I love the colour and the pattern but it also holds lots of nice memories of our old dog Molly.  She was a beauty, walking her was like heading out with Kate Moss, she got stopped all the time.  She had a shuka red collar and matching lead, it looked so good against her gorgeous ginger fur. She even did a spot of modelling for Hiro + Wolf!  After she died we got Angelo pretty quick, about a month later and he inherited all of her Hiro + Wolf gear.  We still use her lead now, a quick spin in the washing machine and it looks good as new again.  I love how long the products last and that we have a little reminder of Molly every time we head out on a walk. 



What is your most used Hiro + Wolf product? 


It has got to be the collars, Angelo and Frida both have one. Frida has the fireworks print hound collar and Angelo has inherited one of Mollys old collars, its so old that its not even available on the website anymore.  It might be time to treat him to a new one, I think the Dakar print would look good on him.


Which Hiro + Wolf product is next on your wish list?


I have my eye on the hands free coupler dog lead, we go walking in the woods and on the beach and end up carrying both the leads after we let them off.  You always end up lugging so much stuff around with you, treats, poo bags, a whistle that they can completely ignore when the run off, water bottles, a cuddly toy!  So the coupler lead would mean one less thing to carry. 



What is your number 1 favourite Hiro + Wolf product?


The leads and collars are fantastic, the range of colours and prints makes it exciting when you go to pick out a new one and they last for ages.  There are so many designs to choose from that you are able to match them perfectly with your dogs own unique personality.  



Be sure to follow Graeme on Instagram @bloomandburn  

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