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How Our Vegan Pet Accessories Are Making a Difference

How Our Vegan Pet Accessories Are Making a Difference

Did you know that we donate £1 from the sale of every product in our vegan collection to The Retreat Animal Rescue, a vegan animal sanctuary here in Kent? We recently raised £284 for The Retreat from the sale of our vegan collection and wanted to check in with them to see how this donation was being put to use! We spoke to volunteer, Sam, to see how this money has helped and how things have changed since we visited in April 2021...


Wolf enjoying an oat milk latte! 


"We are a sanctuary home to over 1200 animals including farmed (cows, pigs, sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese), domestic (horses, cats, dogs, fish, terrapins, occasional small furries like rabbits and guinea pigs), and wildlife (pigeons, corvids, hedgehogs, rats, foxes) and are completely reliant on donations as we receive no government funding. We will never put an animal to sleep unless it's completely unavoidable due to severe ill health."


Some of The Retreat's sheep residents 


"Our running costs, excluding vets bills, are around £800 per day! So your donation helped to feed and bed our residents and take some pressure off us funding that day's costs. We've had plenty of new arrivals, in fact we get wildlife brought in almost every day. But in terms of larger animals, we have taken in 2 cows, nearly 10 horses, about 5 sheep, 15 goats, and about 5 pigs!"


Wolf and Freddy meeting Joey the donkey


"Every animal we're able to help is a big achievement, as it helps change the world for that animal. But we re-homed lots of horses, some sheep, goats, and pigs last year, which means we have more space freed up to help new animals. We also set up a small vet clinic on site with visiting vets doing in house vaccinations and neutering which helps bring down our costs; our founder Billy released his book Earth Boy, which is about his life in animal rescue; and we've taken over a t-shirt printing business (Wear Your Voice) which is helping us bring in more funds." 


One of the fluffier residents of The Retreat! 


"People can continue to support us by various donation methods - Patreon, bank transfers, sponsoring a resident - making purchases of Earth Boy and Wear Your Voice products, visiting us when we open from 31st March and eating in our vegan café, staying in our on-site holiday lodges, booking tours of the sanctuary. And of course, buying items from the Hiro + Wolf vegan collection!"


A huge thanks to Sam for taking the time to speak with us! You can read our previous interview with The Retreat's Founder, Billy, by clicking here. Shop our vegan collection here

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