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How to Celebrate Pride With Your Dog | Dog-Friendly Pride
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How to Celebrate Pride With Your Dog | Dog-Friendly Pride

Happy Pride month! Pride Month is a vibrant and inclusive celebration that honours the LGBTQ+ community, their history, achievements, and ongoing struggle for equality. Pride parades will take place all across the UK from now onwards. These parades are vibrant, inclusive, community spaces that bring people together to celebrate love in all its forms. As they are outdoor events, most Pride parades are dog-friendly, so you don’t have to leave your pup out of the Pride festivities! 

Whilst Pride parades can be fun for you and your canine companion, it is im-paw-tant to make sure they are safe and happy throughout. Here are our top tips for a happy, dog-friendly Pride...


Think about your dog's personality. Before you plan to take your pup to Pride, it is important to consider their personality. Are they comfortable in crowds? Do they get nervous being around lots of people? Will they be happy on their feet all day? Some dogs simply will not enjoy the Pride festivities, in which case it is best to leave them at home. If you bring your dog along and they start to seem nervous, it's time to head home. Some areas offer dog-specific Pride festivities, such as Margate's Paws Pride Parade hosted by Seadogs and Margate Pride collaboratively. 


Keep your dog close. Make sure your pup is wearing a well-fitted harness (these are more comfortable for all-day wear) and keep them on a lead at all times. It is very important to keep your dog safe and secure as the large crowds make it easier to lose sight of them. For the most comfortable and carefree Pride experience, we recommend a hands free lead. Hiro + Wolf's hands free leads are all made in the UK using vibrant fabrics, many of which they design themselves. These clever multifunctional leads mean you will be prepared, whatever the day may bring. 


Bring the essentials. Don't fur-get to bring along plenty of water and treats for your dog. If you plan on being out during their meal time, don't forget to bring along their food too. We know it's not the most glamourous, but you will also need to bring plenty of poo bags so that you can clean up after your four-legged friend. Top Tip: Keep your poo bags handy with a poo bag pouch! Hiro + Wolf offer a range of pretty and practical poo bag pouches that you will be proud to show off. 


Take breaks. Be sure to give your dog regular breaks to rest in the shade, have a drink and relax away from the crowds. Pride parades typically take place in summer so it is important to ensure your dog doesn't overheat. If it is a really hot day, leave your pup at home. 


Dress to impress. Pride is the perfect o-paw-tunity to break out your most colourful clothes and really look the part. Don't leave your dog out! From colourful collars to brilliant bow ties, Hiro + Wolf have a huge range of vibrant handmade accessories that are sure to make your dog stand out from the crowd. The Rainbow Stripe collection is particularly brilliant for Pride season. 



Find Your Local Dog-Friendly Pride Parade 

Pride parades are taking place all over our home county of Kent in the coming months. Here are the dog-friendly parades you can attend...


Ashford Pride, 22nd June

Ashford will be hosting its first ever Pride event this summer, with a jam-packed day of community LGBTQIA celebrations. Kicking off the day, Made In Ashford will be hosting crafting events, the Bandstand will be the centre of live entertainment.


Folkestone Pride, 27th July 

The parade will kick things off before the live performances begin at the Bandstand which is set to have delicious food & drink vendors, as well as craft stalls and workshops. There will also be the chance to hear a Drag Storytime, before the celebrations are taken to The Leas Cliff Hall to dance the night away at the After Party!


Faversham Pride, 27th July

Faversham will be hosting its Pride event, with live music and good food aiding the celebration. Pride should be an opportunity for everyone to celebrate the diversity of the community, so there is a planned a garden party for all ages to attend. Get ready for lots of games and activities!


Margate Pride Day, 10th August

It's all go here in Margate for a special Pride celebration this August! With workshops, performances, rally and a parade. There will be lots of family-friendly daytime events as well as a Pride parade just for dogs at 11am on the Walpole Bay Hotel Lawns. 


Medway Pride, 12th-17th August

2024 will be Medway's biggest LQBTQIA+ event and it's back with an amazing schedule, including a parade through Rochester High Street, and a full on festival at Rochester Castle, with an after party to follow! 

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