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How to Include Pets at your Wedding

How to Include Pets at your Wedding

Every wedding is a unique experience and recently couples are finding quirky and unconventional ways to celebrate the special occasion. An alternative wedding celebration requires planning and for many of us pet lovers, this includes our four-legged family members. As one of the biggest wedding trends at the moment, we explore how you can include your pet in your paw-fect wedding day.
There are lots of fun ways to include your pet in the wedding party and we’ve complied some of the most adorable pet wedding ideas to consider for your unique wedding day.


pup-posal will you marry me bulldog

When it’s time to pop the question, why not let your beloved four-legged friend help by attaching an engagement ring gift box and romantic note to your pet’s collar to surprise your partner? 

Did you know that Hiro + Wolf can design custom pet tags that pop the question for you!


dog walking down the aisle

If your pet loves attention then make them part of the ceremony by having them carry flowers, wedding rings or even let them take on the role of an usher. In recent years, wedding ceremonies in the UK have witnessed dogs, horses, cats, goats and even alpacas as part of the wedding party.


pets at weddings illustration

The lifelong memory of your wedding day is captured by wedding photos. If you’d like to include your cherished pet, make sure to do some research to find a wedding photographer who works with animals.

For more imaginative ways to include pets in your wedding and additional information about hosting a pet-friendly wedding, check out this guide from ROX, the diamond and watch specialists. Y

To talk to us about a bespoke Hiro + Wolf outfit for your pet head to our Bespoke Services and Weddings Page here.

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