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How to Plan a Dog Friendly Wedding | Pets at Weddings

Back in 2019, our co-founder, Amy, tied the knot. Her beautiful wedding day was made even more special by including Hiro and Wolf. "It was really important that shop dogs Hiro and Wolf played a special role in our big day. We had special tail coats made to match Freddy’s. Both dogs looked adorable, our photographer and the guests couldn’t get enough of them" Amy said. If you're wondering how to plan a dog-friendly wedding or looking for ways to include your canine companion during your big day, you've come to the right place...



When it’s time to pop the question, why not let your beloved four-legged friend help with the pup-osal? Try attaching an engagement ring gift box and romantic note to your dog's collar to surprise your partner. Did you know that Hiro + Wolf can design custom pet tags that pop the question for you!

Before the big day, plan an engagement photoshoot that includes your dog. You will be able to look back at these cherished memories and remember all the love you shared.

You can even include your dog in your save-the-date cards or invitations by adding a picture of them. Whether it's a photo or an illustration, this is sure to delight your guests and lets them know that your pup is an integral part of your big day.

Plan to include your dog on your wedding cake topper or as part of the decor. Many couples choose a bespoke cake topper that feature the bride, groom, and their furry friend. This is a great option for those who have anxious pets that cannot be there for the wedding day.




If your pet loves attention then make them part of the ceremony. In recent years, wedding ceremonies in the UK have witnessed dogs, horses, cats, goats and even alpacas as part of the wedding party! 

One of the most popular ways to include your dog in your wedding is by giving them the role of "Dog of Honour." Get them dressed up in a specially designed doggie tuxedo or a special collar and your pup can walk down the aisle alongside the bridal party.

For a pawsome twist on the traditional ring bearer role, let your pet carry the wedding rings down the aisle. Attach a small pouch or a decorative box to their collar, securely holding the rings. Have a trusted hooman accompany them. 

You can even have your dog wear a bespoke outfit! Whether you dream of a matching outfit for you and your pet or simply would like something from our existing range made up in a special and meaningful fabric, get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can make your dreams come true.




"Hiro and Wolf are such a huge part of our lives," says Amy, "so I wanted them to look and feel really special on the day and feature heavily in our wedding photo's. We made sure we had a dog sitter on hand to take care of everything they needed to be happy and comfortable whilst we continued the party."

The lifelong memory of your wedding day is captured by wedding photos. If you’d like to include your cherished pet, be sure to hire a pet-friendly photographer to capture your special day. 

You can even set aside time during your wedding day for a dedicated photo session with your dog. 


If you would like to discuss bespoke accessories or outfits for your pets, you can get in touch with us to discuss your options. Learn more here. Email us here

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