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Introducing Our Hand Made Cat Baskets

Introducing Our Hand Made Cat Baskets

Our unique cat baskets are a stylish and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic cat beds. As individual as your favourite feline friend, each basket is completely one of a kind. Sourced on co-founder Bee's trip to Ghana, these unique cat baskets are hand woven with thick, hard wearing straw using traditional weaving techniques. Always a best-seller when we have them in-store, we have managed to get a gorgeous selection of them online for you! 


Made in collaboration with our sister brand, Artisans & Adventurers, these baskets are ethically and sustainably made. Made in Ghana, these baskets are hand woven by a talented group of artisans based in the Upper East Region, under the Burkina Fasso border. The baskets are made with indigenous veta vera which grows abundantly in this hot, dry area. This raw material produces strong and structured baskets which are instantly recognisable as Ghanaian. 


One of the Ghanaian basket weavers with an Artisans & Adventurers basket 


The co-operative we have partnered with is led by Agana who works very close with the weavers. Agana lives with his extended family and like most local people started school very late and has found it hard to make a living. At 15 he learnt how to weave to support his family. Weaving is now his main source of income and he is so happy to now be able to support other weavers as well.


These baskets are not only beautifully unique, they are also very sturdy and the high quality of craftsmanship makes them a once in a lifetime purchase. Cats will love the natural smell and texture of the veta vera plant used to make them, and they even double up as a fantastic scratching post for your feline friend! The design is also purr-fect for kitties who like their privacy as they can cosy up inside to get some peace and quiet. 



Shop cat baskets here.


Please note, our cat baskets are excluded from our UK free shipping offers due to their size and value. International shipping is available in certain regions. 

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