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July Customer of the Month | @thebostonsandthebengals

July Customer of the Month | @thebostonsandthebengals

Introducing our customers of the month for July... Evie & Jacob, better know as @thebostonsandthebengals on Instagram! Evie and Jacob are an adorable duo of Boston Terriers living with their kitty siblings. We absolutely love seeing Evie and Jacob popping up on our Instagram feeds and were so excited to get to know them better...


Briefly introduce us to your dogs...

Evie is 3 years old (black & white) & Jacob is 2 years old (lilac and white) They are both Boston terriers. (I’ll let them answer the questions below!)



What are your dog's favourite snacks?

“Cheese 🧀!! Best iz sneaky cheese teh hoomans drop in teh kitchen, we sharez it with teh kitties too”


How did you and your pooches meet?

Evie - “ I met my hoomans when I was a tiny terror with my sisters. I showed off ma zoomiez and best jumpz!”
Jacob - “I wiz a tiny potato pup, wen I met my hoomans, I fitted in one of there paws! Wich I then 💩 in, oops!”



What are your dogs favourite hobbies?
“Agiliteee!!, Ad-Venturz in teh woodz & beach, but best is cuddles and blanketz with teh hoomans.


What's your favourite thing about your pups?

“Our Hoomans woud say we iz teh best at cuddles! We make sure we giv lots of attenshun, hoomans are needy!”



Do your dogs go by any nicknames?

Evie - Beebles, bweebs, Honeybean
Jacob- J Brown, Jacoobay, Honeyman


Do you have a favourite dog friendly local business (e.g. cafe or shop) that you would like to shout out?

We are lucky to have lots of lovely spaces, to walk with the dogs locally in Wells and in Somerset overall, so tricky to pick one. Thank you to the lovely pooch friendly businesses of Wells high street, for allowing us to bring our dogs, and have access to water and dog snacks!


Would you like to feature as our customer of the month? Don't forget to tag us @hiroandwolf in your pictures of your pet enjoying their Hiro + Wolf goodies. Use the hashtag #WearsHiroAndWolf and you could even win £25 in vouchers too...

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