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June Customer of the Month | @nina_andme

June Customer of the Month | @nina_andme

Introducing our Hiro + Wolf customer of the month for June - Nina! Nina is an adorable Miniature Long Haired Dachshund living between London & Ramatuelle. She always puts a smile on our faces when we see her on our feed so we were overjoyed to get to know her a little bit better...


Tell us a little about Nina!

Nina is a 2 year old shaded cream miniature long haired dachshund. She is French, born in Normandie. Her life is spent between London and the South of France where she spent the first 8 months of her life with us. She hates collars and only wears harnesses and we have found that Hiro + Wolf are the best fit for her out of all the harnesses we’ve bought for her so far. As a typical dachshund she’s very vocal, won’t miss an opportunity to re-landscape the garden (i.e. dig) and loves a chew. A bit fussy with her food and persevering in her wishes (not to say stubborn). She is very intelligent and has very powerful puppy eyes so she always gets what she wants!

How did you and Nina meet?

In a lovely trip to Normandie where her breeder lives ❤️ The first time we met Nina she was a 9-week furry ball, as curious and friendly as today. It was love at first sight, or shall we say bite - we can’t forget those tiny shark teeth!


What is her favourite snack?
Nina likes to have a daily chew and her favourite varies between a rabbit ear, braided lamb, ostrich tendon and beef gullet. But our real secret weapon which will always win Nina’s attention is Arden Grange’s liver paste, she’ll eat anything coated in it.

What is her favourite hobby?

She loves watching the world go by from her window spot if that counts as a hobby. She’s not like the majority of dogs who love chasing a ball, she much prefers a game of chase and being chased or tug of war. But her favourite thing is probably sniffing, following a scent, oh that and digging. A true mix of a hound and a terrier.

What's your favourite thing about your pup?
Her curious and friendly soul ❤️ She might be afraid of something but her curiosity normally wins. And she’s just the most loving and friendly dog, in particular with her favourite people. She knows how to make us feel loved.



Does Nina go by any nicknames?

Too many, she might have forgotten her own name! Ninoush, Mon Amour, Moomour, Moomie, Little Burger, Shushi, Tutti, Chucky (yes, from the horror movie. If you ever catch her staring at you, you’ll understand ha!)


You can follow Nina on Instagram here

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