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Meet Best Furriends Io and Janosch

Meet Best Furriends Io and Janosch

We first came across Anna's stunning pet photography on instagram when she tagged some pics of her dog, io, wearing Hiro + Wolf. We soon discovered that io's best friend was an equally photogenic feline named Janosch who just so happened to look exactly like the illustrations on our cat cards! We were smitten and sent off some accessories for them to snuggle in whilst their human, snapped away taking more furbulous pics. In this interview we catch up with Anna to find out more about our new bark (and meow) ambassadors io and Janosch. Spoiler alert... it really was 'love at first lick'!


When and how did io and Janosch come into your life?

Io came into my life 6 years ago after my boyfriend at the time made a joke about having the perfect name for a dog - luckily “Thor the Dog of Thunder” didn’t become a reality but io did. Janosch joined about a year ago. My mum breeds cats and Janosch just stole our hearts while we were visiting her. 

io wearing Hiro + Wolf Kaleidoscope on rainbow bench

Can you tell us a little more about their personalities?

Io is actually a really difficult dog, he’s had problems with his knee since he was about one and with surgeries and physio also came anxiety and aggression problems. We’ve had a bit of a setback after he lost the use of his right back leg last winter but we’re always working on it. Luckily he’s fiercely loyal, very willing to learn and utterly charming if he likes you... it just takes him a long time to like someone. 

Janosch is the complete opposite to io. He’s the most social cat I’ve ever met, he loves when people visit. He’s completely good natured, I don’t think he’s ever hissed in his life. Where io is energetic, Janosch is calm. That is until 4am when the zoomies hit and he’s running through the flat, meowing, playing, pouncing on those fun piles under the duvet that are either me or the pup. He’s also a very talkative cat and he loves to follow me, everywhere, even the bathroom. 

It’s so lovely seeing how well these two get on, was it love at first lick?

It actually literally was. I had a baby Janosch on my lap and io jumped up and started licking his ears. Janosch thought it was great, turned onto his back, held all four paws into the air and started purring. That’s the moment I decided he’d move in. 

Hiro and Wolf kaleidoscope bandanas on cat and dog

Do you have any tips for people wanting to have a cat and dog in their life?

Take it really slowly. If you are getting your pet from a breeder maybe take something that smells of your pet along so they can get used to the scent. Make sure when they first meet everyone is safe, so keep your dog on a leash or make sure your cat doesn’t paw at a new puppy. Don’t force anything, if they retreat to a safe space rather wait and try again another time. 

Your photographs are just gorgeous, do you have any tricks of the trade to share when photographing your pets? Do you use any special toys or treats or are they just naturals! 

Ok so my most secret trick is putting a little coconut oil behind Janosch’s ear, io loves nothing more and that’s how I get those shots of him giving Janosch a kiss. It also helps that Janosch now knows how to sit and lie down on cue. 

cat and dog model Hiro + Wolf's Pop Art collars

You live in the gloriously green city of Vienna. How is it living there with pets and do you have any favourite pet friendly businesses (cafes, shops, restaurants) you would like to recommend?

I absolutely love living in Vienna. Unfortunately a law was passed last year severely restricting “list” dogs from being able to enjoy their walks because they have to be leashed and muzzled at all times. For all other dogs it’s a fantastic place to be, most shops and cafes actually allow dogs. One of my absolute favourites is Supersense which is a cafe/Polaroid shop. 

Where is your favourite place to walk with io?

Most days I take him for a walk in the Prater, it’s a beautiful park with a big forest area. In Vienna dogs are only allowed off leash in designated dog zones and the Prater is one of the biggest and in my opinion, nicest. Also the other dogs are very well behaved and nice. 

io in vienna wearing hiro and wolf dog bow tie

How did you discover Hiro + Wolf? 

I used to live on Columbia Road and actually first fell in love with the jewellery. I’ve also always had my eye on your gorgeous diamond shaped poop bag holders. And how can anyone resist Wolf’s charm? He’s gotten many an ear scratch when he was minding the shop. 

Follow Io and Janosch on instagram @picturesque.pineapple

io and janosch with Anna

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