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Meet Gary The Sphynx

Meet Gary The Sphynx

We were recently lucky enough to have Gary the Sphynx, a fabulous local feline superstar, model for our exciting new cat accessories collection! Gary's owner, Lucy, is also a local business owner, running one of our favourite coffee spots Proper Coffee House as well as setting up a Facebook group called Missing Cats and Strays in Thanet that helps reunite lost cats with their owners. We had a chat with Lucy about all things Gary and here is what she had to say...

Can you tell us a little bit about Gary and when you got him?

Gary’s gotcha day is at the end of May! I would have had him three years now! He was a rescue 

You not only own Proper Coffee House, you also set up and run Missing Cats and Strays in Thanet! Can you tell us a bit about this and how it all started?

I started missing cats and strays in Thanet in 2011 after my own cat Willow had gone missing, and I had found her across the road after three months in somebody’s flat. She would have easily been reunited had there been some sort of platform where people could upload a photo of cat that had recently visited them etc so I thought why not create it myself? And now we have reunited over 1500 cats. Not only this we have now started providing Neutering, and chipping and are massive advocates for doing so.
As for the Proper coffee house I purchased the business in July 2019, traded for just over six months and then Corona hit so my next challenge is getting us back on our feet!

Tell us 3 fun facts about Gary!

Gary is a rescue and had had three homes before finding me.

Gary has appeared and modelled in a music video for Salt Ashes- Cut you with a Kiss which reached the top 40 uk in 2020

Garys videos have gone gone viral several times on TikTok and Facebook!

Gary recently modelled for our brand new cat harnesses, do you take him for walks at all?

He doesn’t regularly go for walks every day like a dog, however I do take him to the coffee shop for visits, or his Sphynx meets which I host with at the Sphynx cats.

Gary was a total paw-fessional on set! Does he enjoy being the centre of attention?

YES! He loves attention, he thrives on being the centre of attention, and often meets his fans in the street, or at the coffee shop and they follow his page online.

What is Gary’s favourite thing to do?

Steal cat food pouches!!!!!!! Get attention and play games

What is your (and Gary’s!) favourite Hiro + Wolf print?

Gary currently has the eyes print from the new collection, however for his got you day I am going to treat him to the over the rainbow print!


Anything else you’d like us to share?

I can’t wait to kit Gary out in some new collars and harnesses, I loved the quality of the harnesses that Hiro + Wolf make! I have shared a couple of photos that I have taken of him with his new collar on and lots of people in my sphynx groups have asked where I got them from!

Thank you to Lucy for taking the time to chat with us today! And of course a huge thank you to Gary for being the paw-fect model! Our new cat accessories range will be launching soon, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled, or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about new releases. 


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