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Meet the Dog Mum: Coco and Elle

Meet the Dog Mum: Coco and Elle

Coco and Elle were part of our pack in London before moving back to New York. We were thrilled to meet up with them again last September when the H+W pack travelled across the pond to launch in NYC. We find out what Coco loves most about being a Dog Mama in celebration of Mother's Day this year.


What was Elle like as a puppy?

She was so sassy (still is) and very strong willed. The first time we met in person she was running around, holding her own with ten full grown Frenchie's. 

I beckoned her to me and she came right over and took my heart immediately. 

What's your favourite thing to do together or place to go?

I call Elle my Champagne Hunter. She loves to go to events and be outdoors. She recently kept pulling me towards the ferry, which we take to go to events in another part of Brooklyn. Elle's most favourite thing is having a long ramble that is 2-3 miles. She absolutely used to love getting a puppacino in Notting Hill Starbucks and then walking to Kensington Palace Gardens or Holland Park for a wander. She likes to inspect her Queendoms. Now we can often be spotted doing our route through Brooklyn Bridge Park, stopping in at a cafe that has treats and then circling back up to the dog park. 

elle and cocoWhat do you love most about Elle?

Elle is always up for an adventure. She's sweet and she's gotten me through so much. I absolutely love it whenever she rests her head on a part of my body - foot, ankle, wrist - it's all delicious and it makes me feel closer to her. Hilariously she's also started tapping someone's foot for a treat. So, I like that her personality is both sweet and bossy.

What do you think Elle loves the most about you?

Cuddles. She will walk over to the couch after a walk and wait for me to pick her up for a cuddle. She really loves when she gets something new in the mail and I make a big deal over it. She bounces up and down with excitement. 

What do you think Elle would give you on mother's day?

Her love is the best present full stop. 


Thank you Coco! Follow Elle's adventures on instagram.

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