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Meet the Dog Mum: Debbie Wingham

Meet the Dog Mum: Debbie Wingham

Celebrity Haute Couture Designer turned Caketress, proud mum to Luca, animal lover and best known as the worlds most expensive designer. We catch up with Debbie Wingham to find out what makes her love Luca so much.


What was Luca like as a puppy? 

He was so tiny and comical yet never scared to explore. 

It was adorable seeing him build confidence to tackle things like stairs. I used to be so scared he would hurt himself but he was tiny yet capable. 

What's your favourite thing to do together or place to go? 

We love to snuggle up and watch a movie, its a rarity I sit down as I have a busy schedule but the moment I sit he comes and jumps on my lap. 

debbie wingham with her dog luca

What do you love most about Luca? 

Everything, he literally is adorable 24 7. 

What do you think Luca loves the most about you? 

My ability to understand what he wants and that I'm the 👑 of dog walks, well that and I'm always in the kitchen and he loves the smell of delicious food.

What do you think Luca would give you on mother's day? 

Probably home made cookies so he could steal a little himself. 


Follow Debbie and Luca's adventures on Instagram.

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