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Meet the Dog Mum: Pip Jolley

Meet the Dog Mum: Pip Jolley

Pip and Pepper have been our most colourful customers for some time. Their sunny instagram account always cheers us so we couldn't wait to find out more about what makes their relationship so special.


What was Pepper like as a puppy?

Well, she still really is a puppy as she is only 15months old. But she is super playful and a proper little diva. She wants everything to be about her. 


What's your favourite thing to do together or place to go?

We love going to Haggerston park for a walk, we go every morning and she has a group of doggy friends that she plays with. Other than that we love going getting brunch and a coffee together, like the proper hackney hipster she is. 

pip jolley

What do you like most about Pepper?

When I sit on the sofa she lies on the back behind me and puts her head on my shoulder, it's the cutest thing. She has so much love to give.

What do you think Pepper loves the most about you?

The cuddles, and that I know where the special treats are hidden. 

What do you think Pepper would give you on mother's day?

A matching outfit for sure!


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