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National Best Friends Day | Hiro + Wolf

National Best Friends Day | Hiro + Wolf

Header image by Sam Wiles for the Margate Mercury


Friendship is very important to us at Hiro + Wolf HQ - in fact, we simply wouldn't exist if our Co-Founders Amy and Bee hadn't formed a friendship whilst walking their dogs in London years ago! Since that day, Hiro and Wolf have always been best friends, and we wanted to celebrate that special friendship. Tomorrow marks National Best Friends Day, so what better time to celebrate!? Wolf kindly agreed to chat with us today about how he met his favourite four-legged friend and shared some top secrets on Hiro! He even shared a special discount code that you can find at the bottom of this blog post!


When did you first meet one another? 


We first sniffed bottoms back in 2013 in London Fields - my local when I was a London gent.



What was your first impression of each other? 


I thought Hiro was really cool!  He seemed to carry himself very well and his grooming was way beyond anything I had ever seen!  I thought if I could hang out with this guy some of his finesse would rub off on me!


What is your favourite thing to do together?


Most definitely running on the soft Margate sand occasionally dipping our toes in the sea



What is your favourite memory together? 


The time we did our first dog walk at the Athenaeum Hotel and Residences together... our hoomans were so proud of us - the audience cheered and clapped when we came out at the end and then I knew that some of the finesse had finally rubbed off on me.


Tell us a fun fact about the other!


For years our hoomans thought it was me stealing bags of treats out of the shop - I took it on the chin like any best friend whilst all along Hiro is the Master of Treat stealing!



Describe the other in 3 words.


Confident, handsome and loyal


Why not treat yourself and your BFF this Best Friends Day? Use code PAWPALS20 to save 20% when you buy any 2 items from our online store - it's time for matching collars! 


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