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National Marine Week | Save 20% on Marine Kikoy

National Marine Week | Save 20% on Marine Kikoy

National Marine Week is The Wildlife Trusts’ nationwide celebration of all things marine. From 23rd July to 7th August, events take place all around the country to help educate the public on ways to protect our oceans. From online talks to local rockpooling events, there is something for all ages to enjoy. The Wildlife Trusts identifies 3 key areas in which we can all help to protect marine life. These are to do a beach clean, conserve water and use less plastic. We think it is vital that we all play our part in protecting our beaches and oceans, now more than ever. We are fortunate enough to live in the beautiful seaside town of Margate, Kent. We all spend a lot of time by the sea, as well as enjoying wild swims in the ocean. Our dogs are also lucky enough to be able to enjoy the beach and the sea on a daily basis, something which we try to never take for granted. To celebrate this special week you can use code SAVEOURSEAS for 20% off our entire Marine Kikoy collection from 1st to 7th August! 



If you and your pup are planning to visit the seaside soon, here are a few im-paw-tant things to remember;

  • Check that the beach you plan on visiting is dog-friendly. Many beaches have dog restrictions in place at different times throughout the year. A quick Google search should let you know whether dogs are welcome. 
  • Be aware of hazards such as broken glass, barbecues and coastal wildlife such as jellyfish. Also make sure your dog doesn't drink too much sea water or ingest too much sand.
  • On hot days, leave walks for early morning and evening when the sun is lowest. Make sure your dog has plenty of shade even on cooler days you're spending on the beach.
  • Take care with tides – the only thing worse than being stranded is being stranded with a dog!
  • Respect coastal wildlife. Many coastal birds have nests on the ground, take care that you and your dog do not disturb them. Keep your dog on a lead around seals, especially seal pups, to keep both your dog and the seals safe. We are fortunate enough to have a diverse range of coastal wildlife here in the UK and it is vital that we look after it. 
  • Take care near cliff edges, be sure to keep dogs on leads and be wary of signage for falling rocks. Try and stick to paths and never let your dog approach the cliffs edge. 
  • Only allow dogs in shallow waters as currents can be deceiving. If possible, research tide times and currents online before letting your dog into the water. This is a good idea for humans too! 
  • Do not follow your dogs into the sea or rough water if they get into trouble, they generally get out of trouble more easily than us. Call the coastguard on 999 for help if you think your dog is in danger.



It was our love for our home town and it's beautiful beaches that inspired our Marine Kikoy collection. One of our favourite signature styles, Marine Kikoy is comprised of blue shades perfectly complimented with more earthy tones - this fabric reminds us of beautiful walks along Margate seafront. Whether you go for the complete set or choose to mix and match with our other designs, we think Marine Kikoy is the perfect design for you and your four-legged friends seaside adventures! Kikoy, or kikoi, is a traditional woven cloth originating from Africa. Considered a part of Swahili culture, the kikoy is mostly worn by men in Kenya as well as men from Tanzania and Zanzibar. Kikoy is made of cotton and patterns are woven rather than dyed into the fabric. Traditionally used for trading, kikoy can now be found the world over, though the traditional kikoy come mostly from Kenya. Our kikoy is ethically sourced directly from makers in Kenya on our co-founder Bee's adventures. 



You can learn more about National Marine Week & ways to get involved here. Shop our Marine Kikoy collection online here. Use code SAVEOURSEAS for 20% off 1st to 7th August (ends Midnight GMT).

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