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National Pet Month | The Tail of Our Co-Founders

National Pet Month | The Tail of Our Co-Founders

It's National Pet Month! As you can imagine, this is a very special day for all of us at Hiro + Wolf and so we thought we'd mark the occasion by introducing our very own co-founders (and their hoomans!) As pet owners & animal lovers, there isn't a day that goes by that we don't celebrate the love of our pets! So, we asked Amy and Bee to tell us all about their furry friends and (of course) they had plenty to say...

My pets name is Hiro! He came into my life 13 years ago. I travelled all the way from London to Preston on public transport to collect him from a little old lady with 5 shiba inu's and a fat sausage dog. I'll never forget how he jumped up at me with such excitement, pee'd on my leg and nibbled a piece of my leather jacket. It truly was love at first bite. We call him Puffle because he puffs his fur everywhere, all day, every day of the year! I love how peaceful a soul he is. I always wonder what he's thinking when he sits in the garden come rain or shine just to sniff the air and contemplate the world around him. He has an instant calming affect on me. Whatever size bed we buy for him he never seems to quite fit in it. In fact his version of comfy always looks pretty uncomfortable to me. Whether he's sleeping with his head under a step, using a slab of concrete for a pillow or has contorted himself around a corner it's endless amusement to see where he will nap next. Hiro has always meant home to me. I fetched him when I was 24 and living in London so we moved around lots of rented places together before settling in Margate 6 years ago. A house wouldn't be a home without him.


My pets name is Wolf! He came into my life 12 years ago. I had taken some time off work and just come back from a 4 month sabatical in South Africa.  My son was on a gap year and our beloved ginger cat FatCat passed away.  When we went to the vet to collect his ashes they told me of this little dog that needed a home.  My son had always wanted a dog and now he was on a gap year and I was between careers it seemed like an ideal time.  We had to travel to Edmonton in London to see him. I said to Conor if he is small and black we will get him. We had no idea what he was.  When the door opened this little black hairy ball launched itself at us and it was love. Wolf had never been shown that much love or been taken for walks.  His life changed dramatically that day and so did ours! He came to us as a Tye and became Tidal Wave. Someone pointed out that he was rather 'porcine' so that he became Pig, Piggy, Porus. A very posh lady in Parliament Hill asked what breed he was and jokily I said a mini Wolfhound so from that day he became Wolf and that was the very same day as Amy and myself were discussing starting a dog brand so Hiro + Wolf was born and Pig became Wolf but is still known as Pig. His character is my favourite thing about him. He is as bright as a button and very friendly. He has many admirers in Margate and is a firm favourite on the beach. He is a really good snuggler and loves to be loved! He is very vocal and has a wide range of barks, yelps and huremphs and likes to greet everyone who comes in the shop. A few months after we got him my mum passed away and I had to go back to South Africa for a few months. On returning to London, Wolf was my saviour.  I wanted to hide from the world but he needed walking so I had to go out and face the world and his companionship saw me through those darkest days.

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