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Our New Original Print | A Royal Jubilee Paw-ty

Our New Original Print | A Royal Jubilee Paw-ty

Join in the celebrations this platinum chew-bilee with our latest original print, designed by Hiro's Hooman, Amy. Festooned with bunting, bejewelled corgi's and cupcakes (of course!) for all wannabe Kings & Queens... we think Her Majesty would definitely approve! We chatted with Amy to get to know more about her design process when creating the fabulously festive print...

The Jubilee print puts a fun spin on traditional motifs! What was your thought process when designing it?
Royal celebrations always conjure images of lots of waving flags and bunting so I felt compelled to design something that had lots of movement in it. The Queen shares our love of cupcakes and corgi's so these had to feature! I hope that the finished pattern feels really celebratory without being too cliched.



What is your favourite element of the design?
The bunting was a real brain teaser to design with it coming in and out of the repeat in different directions so I was very happy when this came together! 



What was the design process like for you? 
I started with the corgi, who just came out so cheeky looking first time around. Then it's always a matter of physical cut and paste, tracing, re-drawing, checking the repeat aligns perfectly by hand and then adding colour.



Which product were you most excited to see come to life? 
The print is designed to be seen on a larger scale so I love the bandana's which I hope people will treasure as commemorative kerchiefs for years from now. It was also lovely to have the print made up into cushions this time around, because every royal dog deserves it's own cushion to sit on and be adored.



Hiro + Wolf shoots are always so much fun! What was your inspiration behind the photoshoot for this launch? 
I was looking back at street parties from the royal wedding and silver jubilee in 1977 and wanted to create a similar scene by our store in Margate. Corgi's had to feature of course and we were lucky that one wondered right into our store during our planning meeting! To me this type of celebration is all about family and communities getting together so we got the whole pack involved rather than using professional models to create our jubilant scene.



You can shop the limited edition Jubilee print here

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