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Picking The Perfect Dog Lead For You

Picking The Perfect Dog Lead For You

Header image by Samuel Wise for The Margate Mercury   


Finding the perfect dog lead can certainly be a challenge! Each dog is unique, and so their needs (and yours) will always be different. That is why we make a range of different lead styles, so that there is something to suit everyone! All of our leads are handmade in the UK and trimmed with luxury vegetable tan leathers. The fabrics we use are all either designed in-house and printed in the UK or ethically sourced on our adventures around the world. Whether your pup is an inner-city trendsetter or an avid woods explorer, we have the perfect lead for you and your canine companion.

The Classic Lead

Our classic dogs leads are trimmed with luxurious leather and fitted with strong  'lobster claw' trigger snap hooks with a spring-close gate for extra security. Comfortable to hold, our classic design is the go-to lead for everyday use. Our patterned dog leashes are backed onto tough polyester webbing and stitched with nylon thread so they are built to live. Our classic dog leads also features a metal ring that you can use to hang one of our poo bag pouches from as well as wearing securely round your neck so no more lost leads when you go chasing after that tennis ball! Available in a range of vibrant patterns with all the matching accessories, of course. 


The Skinny Classic Lead

 Perfect for small dogs and puppies, our skinny classic leads have been specially designed for the most petite of pups. Each lead has a lightweight trigger hook for minimum strain on delicate necks whilst still being perfectly durable for more boisterous little dogs! Made in the same way as our classic leads but at a more slim-lined 1.5cm (0.5 inches) wide. These leads pair perfectly with our skinny collars to complete the look.   


The Cafe Lead

Choose our cafe dog lead for city exploring and day trips out and about. The clever design of these leads  makes it easy to keep your pet with you wherever you go. Simply use the extra trigger hook to clip the lead around the table leg at your favourite cafe and enjoy your morning caffeine fix without the need to sit or stand on your dog’s lead! When your done, simply clip the trigger hook back on the D ring to form a handle. These leads can also be really helpful when camping, or can be easy clipped to the side of a pram or wheelchair to keep your dog by your side no matter where life takes you. See our video instructions on how to use our cafe leads here.


The Hands Free Lead 

Our hands free lead is the perfect lead for running with your dog, taking your dog on public transport or just walking with your hands full, simply strap the leash across your body and enjoy having both your hands free for all the shopping, telephone calls and coffee drinking your day demands.  This design can also be used as a double dog leash. Pull the lead back through the D-ring to create a handle in the centre and then clip to two dogs or use as a shorter lead for one dog. They also make the perfect long training lead for puppies! Just like our cafe leads, the hands free lead can also be used to clip around chair legs, poles and tables to keep your dog safe and secure in one spot. Want to see this clever lead in action? Watch the video here.


If you need any further advice before buying your lead, please do get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you!


Happy Walkies! 


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