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Pooch-Friendly Picnic Tips | Picnic Month

Pooch-Friendly Picnic Tips | Picnic Month

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Who doesn't love a summer picnic?! We certainly do, and there's nothing better than bringing our four-legged friends along to join in the fun. Here are our top tips to have a fun and safe picnic with your canine companion. 


Be sure to pick a dog-friendly location for your picnic.

Make sure dogs are allowed at the location you're going to before you bring your dog along. Be careful not to plan your picnic at a popular dog hot-spot too, as bringing food into such an environment can cause trouble as many dogs may rush toward the delicious smells of your picnic!

Walk your dog before the picnic.

This will help get rid of some of your dog’s excess energy and improve the odds that they will be on their best behaviour—which will make the picnic more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Bring along your dogs favourite toys.

Pack your pups tennis ball, squeaky toy, or whatever toys are his favourites. Not only is your dog sure to enjoy a game of catch after dinner, it will also keep them entertained whilst you relax. 



Ensure there is shade.

Set up your picnic in an area that allows your dog to have some time in the shade.  Shade helps to keep your dog cool on warm days - remember that dogs can't sweat so protection from the sun is vital.

Pack lots of water.

Anytime you plan to spend time with your dog outdoors you should take plenty of water along to avoid dehydration. If it’s going to be really hot, we recommend freezing some water bottles for both human and hound!

Bring their normal food along.

Even if you plan to share some of your food, be sure to bring along your dog’s usual food for their main meal. Sharing too many hooman foods can upset your dog’s stomach so try and keep the treats to a minimum. Remember to never feed your dog grapes, chocolate, onions or garlic as they are poisonous for pups.


    Bring a variety of enrichment activities. 

    Dog treat puzzles are a great idea to keep your dog occupied, as well as rewarding them with treats for their good behaviour. A dog chew that will last awhile is also a good idea, especially when it comes to the time for you to enjoy your meal.

    Keep your dog secure.

    Keeping your dog on lead is sometimes required in parks, but it also helps prevent them from wandering off and getting lost whilst you are preoccupied. Our Hands Free Leads are brilliant for picnics as they can easily be worn or clipped around a tree or table leg, ensuring your dog is secure but still has a bit of freedom due to their long length.

    Bring along a blanket or dog bed.

    Having a familiar place to rest will make your dog more likely to relax. Place his napping spot somewhere shady with plenty of water near by. All the excitement is bound to tire them out at some point so it is a good idea to have a designated spot ready. 


    We hope you found these tips helpful! Where is your favourite place to picnic with your pooch? Let us know! 



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