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Purr-fect Gifts For Cats Under £20

Purr-fect Gifts For Cats Under £20

We know that the purse strings are a little tighter this year, but we also know how important it is for many of us to treat our loved ones over the festive season. Obviously this extends to our four-legged family members too! If you're looking for a pawsome handmade gift for your cat, then look no further! Here are some of our favourite gifts for our feline friends that come in at £20 or under...


Nebula Cat Bandana 

£12, available in other prints

Cool cats go crazy for extra hooman attention. Our bold and vibrant bandanas are sure to turn heads. Official Hiro + Wolf bandanas are individually hand cut, sewn into its kitty-sized shape. Handmade in the UK by our small and talented team. Just slip your bandana onto your cat’s collar using the sewn-in slots. This bandana fits all our cat collars. 


Magic Star Catnip Toy

£15, available in other designs 

Tap into your fur-baby's natural instincts with our handmade cat toy. Filled with enticing cat nip, you'll get to see your cat pounce, jump, wrestle, and run. Send them wild with the catnip and the stretchy string which bounces when they tug it. The top knots give you a secure grip on the toy so you can dangle it in the air or drag it along the floor. 


Rainbow Cat ID Tag

£12, available in other prints

Pet tags shouldn't have to be plain and simple. Our personalised pet tags are printed with our original designs. Colourful and chic meets safe and practical – express your style with our hand-illustrated identification tags. Suitable for cats and dogs alike!

Shop the full gift guide here.



Here are some other great gifts that come in under £20 from some of our favourite kitty brands! Scrumbles make purr-fectly delicious, sustainable treats for cats. We love the 'gnashers' treats as they help to keep your cat's teeth clean & healthy! Our friends at WildWash make a brilliant, mild shampoo for cats that is infused with catnip! Sure to make every cat enjoy bath time. The Oxford Brush Company have over 80 years experience in brush making and the family owned business continues to work using traditional methods and natural materials. These beautiful brushes are sure to delight your feline friends! 

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