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Quiz: Which pet is best for you?

Quiz: Which pet is best for you?

Which Purrfect cat or Pawfect dog best matches your lifestyle?

As a nation of pet lovers, it may come as a shock that only a fifth of pet owners research their pet’s breed before ownership, leaving some owners to feel pet regret.

That’s why our friends at Sainsbury’s Bank have created a new tool that matches your lifestyle to the right breed. With questions aligned to your lifestyle, the tool can support your search in deciding which type of cat or dog you might want to bring into your home; whether it’s slotting a dog into a house hold with existing pets, finding a breed that enjoys walkies as much as you do, or if a smaller or larger breed best fits your living arrangements.

corgi and terrier dog running

If you already have a furry companion, then you can learn more about your pet breed and how to give them even more care and attention.

We loved taking part in this fun quiz. Click on the picture below to take the test and let us know what your pawfect match is!

find your pawfect match quiz

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