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Reflections on Being a Cat Mum | Happy Mother's Day

Reflections on Being a Cat Mum | Happy Mother's Day

Foreword by Leona Chapman, Article by Dosh Archer. 


Many of us at Hiro + Wolf are parents to our fluffy companions, and so we often celebrate all the dog and cat Mums of the world on this very special day. One such devoted cat Mum is our team member, Dosh. Dosh Archer has over 20 books published internationally and has often found inspiration from her feline companions. We asked Dosh what it was like for her to be a cat Mum and how her cats have impacted her life, here's what she had to say...


Lady Wootton wears our Shuka Blue Classic Cat Collar and matching Bow Tie. Featuring our Forest Cave Cat Basket.


When my human child became a teenager, and my marriage ended, a new life in Margate began for me. This motivated me to call Cats in Crisis to see if I could share my life with a small furry friend, and soon after, one rainy September morning, a lovely volunteer called Bev knocked on my door holding a cat carrier with a tabby girl inside called Lady Wootton. She had been named after where she was found; Lady Wootton’s Green in Canterbury, sheltering in bushes with her kittens. Starving, skinny, ragged, bloodied from her operation, and missing her kittens, who had been rehomed, she scampered under the sofa, and wouldn’t come out. After 3 months I persuaded her to join me for Christmas on the sofa instead of under it, and we never looked back. Her personality and physical beauty emerged. She became the Lady Wootton she is today - stubborn, loyal, stoic, polite, sociable, well-behaved, bilaterally symmetrical and always loving.


Princess Sapphire Floofychops


For a while another cat shared our lives – Princess Sapphire Floofychops  Fluffybum of Margate. She too was a rescue, a tiny pastel calico kitten who had been neglected. She grew into a silly, sweet, bewildered, goofy, comedic little thing, whose life was cut short by a road traffic accident.


Now there is me, and Lady Wootton and Ezra Twinkletoes. All black, 9 months old, and full of himself, Ezra prances about, like the prince he is. Lady Wootton watches in disbelief as he scales the curtains, half closes her eyes at him, and then goes to sleep.


Ezra wears our Shuka Red Classic Cat Collar and matching Bow Tie


Living with cats, and observing and learning about them, is a joy. They help me stay bonded with my human being child, we share the love for them. My life blends with theirs, and this deepens my awareness of our connection with animals and all living things.


In the evening there is nothing we all like better than watching an action movie. Lady Wootton and I curl up on the sofa and Ezra pounces at the screen. In bed, Lady Wootton curls up beside me on one side of my head, and Ezra on the other, the two of them like a big pair of furry earmuffs. In the morning Ezra pounces on my toes and Wootton purrs loudly, until they get impatient and demand breakfast. Being cat mum does involve duties, but I wouldn’t have it all any other way!

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