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Hiro + Wolf
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"I'm Ocki and I run Blue Shop Cottage in Camberwell - a curated creative
events space that people can also hire. I'm also a brand designer and
illustrator and best known as being The Letter Bug from my studio in Peckham
that I share with artist & designer Kelly Anna."

1. How and when did you and Mole meet?

Mole is now nearly 4 months old (he's a Parsons Terrier) and I picked him
up in Wittering by the sea after having a morning swim - I was so excited I
arrived way too early. He was originally called Terrance. I popped him on
the front seat of my Rover and he was then car sick all the way home. Poor

2. What is it like having your dog at work with you? Does Mole have a main
role at work?

Mole comes everywhere with me - he helps around at Blue Shop Cottage
sort of) but he definitely brings people in so I like to call him my greatest marketing
tool. He then also comes to the studio in Peckham in The Bussey Building
with me through the park where he can have a run around and misbehave and
chat to everyone and he comes along on the train to my freelance jobs too.
He's very well travelled and sits immaculately on my lap watching London go
by. I get the feeling now that my increase in studio visits is nothing to
do with me for some reason...

3. Do you think all businesses should have a shop / office dog? 

I'm so lucky to have people around me all the time that are as dog
obsessed as me. My mum has just got a new puppy and my housemate and my
studio partner are complete DOG NUTS too. So we all spend hours and whole
evenings just playing around with Mole and talking to him in complete
nonsense language. He's just learnt paw and it's almost too much to handle.
Mole also comes to work with me when I'm freelancing - and he always brings
a pinch of joy to an office environment. SO YES - If you can handle the
madness every shop and office should have a dog - they are fantastic for
stress and introversion - you can't not smile when you've got a fluffy pup
lolling about.

mole wearing hiro and wolf nebula bow tie

4. We want to come and visit South East London with our dogs too - where
should we go?

Emma from London Terrariums will be sure to welcome you to her BEAUTIFUL shop and mini shnauzer, 'Walnut Wiggins' will look after you.

Annie from Bunch London is currently on maternity leave with her baby Margot but her beautiful border, 'Oates' is gorgeous.

Printmaker Guy Allen has his mini-daschund, 'Loaf' - both lovely chaps.

And of course (myself) Ocki and Mole would love you to come to Blue Shop Cottage please!!

5. We love the thriving community hub you’ve created at Blue Shop Cottage,
what are your future plans for the business?

Blue Shop Cottage is growing by the day and has been the most positive thing
I've ever done. The community feeling of it, getting to know all the locals
and the support they have given me has been overwhelming. Seeing friends
and local creatives put on shows and workshops and events that bring people
together gives me the greatest joy in the world. In September Blue Shop and
a group of signwriters are painting a huge mural for the local community
outside East Dulwich station so come along and meet Mole and I. I want to
continue to put on original and engaging events that bring incredible
people together that continue to support and inspire people.

6. What’s your favourite thing about running your own business?

The creative freedom I have to approach wonderfully talented people and
then working with them blows my mind every day. The show I did with Rose Electra Harris (who has gorgeous Jabba) and the upcoming shows for Florence Hutchings (one of moles fave babysitters) and Dan Jamieson are all very exciting.

ocki and dog mole from blue shop cottage camberwell

Stay tuned on BLUESHOPCOTTAGE.COM and @BlueShopCottage for upcoming events!

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