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Step-by-Step Guide for Adopting a Dog | Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

Step-by-Step Guide for Adopting a Dog | Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

It's National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day this Saturday! Many of the dogs in our lives have been fantastic rescue pups and today is all about celebrating them. Some people may have some reservations about adopting a dog from a shelter, but rescuing a dog is one of the most selfless, exciting things you can do! Rescue centres are committed to the welfare of the animals they re-home, and so they will help to make the transition into pet pawrenthood as simple as possible. Whilst the application process for adopting a dog can be long and quite personal, these protocols are in place to ensure that you are prepared for the responsibility of having a dog, you are committed to providing a safe, loving, long-term home and that the dog you are applying to adopt is a good fit for you. Here is our step-by-step guide for finding your new furry best friend...


Find a rescue

Your local rescue centres are usually going to be the best bet as many animal rescues prefer for the animals to be re-homed nearby. Depending on what kind of dog you want, you may prefer to look for a breed-specific rescue such as Rottweiler Welfare or Welsh Corgi Rescue. You may also prefer to adopt a dog that has been fostered rather than been in kennels. Keep all these things in mind when looking for the rescue centre you'd like to adopt a dog from. 


Choose a dog 

 We know this is the most exciting part of the process, but be sure not to rush into it. It is so important to choose a dog that will fit in with your lifestyle, both now and in the future. Before you go looking for a dog, consider writing a list of the things you would like from your canine companion. Would you prefer a relaxed pooch or are you looking for a jogging buddy? Do you have a tiny apartment or a large home and garden? These things are all important to consider and will help you to meet the perfect companion for you. 


Make an application 

Most rescue centres will require you to fill out an application. This will ask you questions such as your activity level, your work hours, whether you rent or own your home, if you have a garden and if you have any children or other pets. The reason they ask these questions is to ensure that the dog you pick will be the right fit for you. It is important to be honest on your application, otherwise you may not be able to adopt a dog at all! 


Home Inspection

Once your application has been approved, the next step may be a home inspection. A volunteer will come out to your home and ensure that it is safe and comfortable for a dog. They will also require that all members of your family and any dogs living at your home are there for the visit. 


Next Steps

Once the rescue organisation is satisfied and you have found your paw-fect companion, you will likely have to pay an adoption fee. This is to cover the running costs of the rescue centre, as well as any vaccinations, microchipping and neutering or spaying your new dog. This fee also proves that you are making a serious commitment to your new friend. Once all this is done, you are free to walk out the door and introduce your pup to their new life! 


Learn more about adopting a pet in our interview with TAG Pet Rescue volunteer, Lin, here. And to see how fantastic life with your new rescue pup could be in our interview with rescue dog, Brooklyn, here.





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