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Styling Our Dog Jumpers

Styling Our Dog Jumpers

There's a lot to love about our latest Dog Jumpers! Stylish and sustainable, our dog jumpers are perfect for keeping your four-legged friend cosy during these colder months. Made from 100% cotton using 50% recycled yarns, these soft yet hard wearing jumpers can be machine washed after muddy walks. Ethically made in India by Sriniv and his team at an SA800 certified workshop that is also accredited by the Ethical Fashion Forum. Our colourful jumpers are as practical as they are fashionable! But you may be wondering what your fashion-forward pooch should wear with their new jumper? Fear not! Here are some of our favourite ways to style our Dog Jumpers...


Starry Night   

This bold, graphic jumper with blue and pink details is so much fun to style! We love paining it with our Dog Bow Ties or our Leather Flower Accessories to really highlight the lovely high neck design of the jumper. Our favourite prints to pair with this jumper are Inca Pink, Marine Kikoy & Dakar. Inca Pink really matches well with the pink and blue hues on the jumper but really helps to accentuate the pink, whereas Marine Kikoy brings out the blue tones in the jumper more, all whilst adding a pop of yellow! We love putting bold, clashing patterns together and so for the adventurous fashionista, we recommend pairing our Dakar print with this jumper. The black leather details help to tone down the clashing colours and patterns, marrying the 2 together perfectly. 


New Horizons

This fiery orange jumper looks great paired with warm-toned colours such as orange, yellow and browns. Pair with a coordinating Leather Flower Accessory and matching Poo Bag Pouch in brown or tan for a sophisticated look. Our signature Inca Orange fabric is the perfect companion for this jumper! Choose from a range of collars, leads, bow ties, bandanas and harnesses to customise your look. For hounds who are a little more daring, we love mixing a bold print with this graphic jumper! Our Fireworks print is a great match, not only does it share the same colour palette but it is also made up of bold, graphic lines like the design on the jumper itself. If you want to add even more colour to your pup's look, why not pair your New Horizons jumper with our Over the Rainbow print? The yellow leather details really help bring the pieces together for a super fun, super colourful look. 


Margate Gingham 

If you have a pup who loves looking pretty in pastels then our Margate Gingham jumper is the one to choose! Featuring beautiful shades of blue, pink and minty green in a fun take on a classic gingham design. Picking which colour (or colours!) you want to highlight is key to styling this jumper! Our favourite prints to wear alongside it are Mud Cloth, Combs and New York! New York! Combs helps to highlight the green and pink colours in the jumper whereas the New York! New York! and Mud Cloth prints highlight the blue tones more. We think the mint leather is also the perfect shade to wear with this jumper! Accessorise with a Diamond Poo Bag Pouch and Dog Bow tie and your pup is ready to hit the catwalk! 

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