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TAG Pet Rescue Fundraiser

TAG Pet Rescue Fundraiser

On Saturday 1st September 2018, Hiro + Wolf held a fundraiser for local pet charity TAG Pet Rescue to coincide with the launch of the Autumn Issue of The Margate Mercury. Thanks to the generosity of the Margate community we raised £415 through our pop-up bar and sales of photographs of local hounds taken by Benjamin Eagle for the Mercury's 'Dog Friendly Guide to Margate'.

tag pet rescue fundraiser at hiro and wolf margate

The TAG Pet Rescue Sanctuary was first started in 2002, after it became apparent that co-founders Debbie Channing and Chris Kiddell had outgrown their humble beginnings in their own homes.

Thanks to a Mr Alfred Roberts, a fellow animal lover, the pair were left a small legacy which helped build the foundations of TAG. Further legacies, donations and fund raising events have all helped shape the sanctuary into the peaceful, safe haven it is today.

TAG is often told by its volunteers how the sanctuary has become as much of a place of refuge from their own busy lives, as it is for the animals they help care for each and every day.

TAG's mission is to care for and re-home as many animals as they can. They don’t receive government funding and therefore rely on donations, income from their shops and the tireless work of volunteers to keep the centre going; it’s a true labour of love!

If you are thinking of finding a furry friend to share your home with, give TAG a call or pop along to one of their open days to see if they can help! 

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