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Taking Your Dog to a Christmas Market

Taking Your Dog to a Christmas Market

Who doesn't love a Christmas market? From the twinkling lights, to the warm mulled wine, to the delicious street food, there is a lot to love! So why not bring your pooch along for the fun! Many Christmas markets are dog-friendly, and your canine companion is sure to enjoy joining in on all the festive cheer. Here are some of our top tips for bringing your dog to a Christmas market...


Make sure dogs are allowed

Just because Christmas markets are outdoors events, it doesn't always mean you can take your dog along. It is important to check before travelling so that you don't get caught out. Markets that charge an entry fee are generally less dog friendly than ones that are free to attend, but it is always worth checking! Some of the best dog-friendly markets in the UK are Bath, Winchester, Winter Wonderland London, Edinburgh and Oxford. Many European Christmas markets are also dog friendly - especially in Germany! 


Safety first

We know you'll be busy having fun, but it is important to remember to keep your pup safe. Always keep your dog on a short lead, or carry them if possible and practical. If your dog is known to eat food off the floor, it may be a good idea to muzzle them (or keep an eagle eye!) so that they don't eat anything dangerous from the floor. Lots of people will be eating street foods, so the chances of your dog sniffing something out they can gobble down is high! Dangerous foods include onions, chocolate, and anything spicy. If your dog does eat anything they shouldn't, try and get them to spit it out immediately, otherwise consult your vet.  



Avoid busy markets 

Christmas markets can get very busy, which isn't very fun (or safe) for our dogs. In crowded areas it is easier for your dog to get trodden on, lost in the crowd or to become anxious. Even for small dogs that can be picked up, it is best to avoid very large crowds. In order to do this, consider visiting the less popular Christmas markets in the area, or visit at quieter times of the day. Generally speaking, avoid the period after 5pm as this is when most markets are at their busiest. 


Be prepared

As with any long day out with your dog, make sure you have everything with you that you might need. This includes fresh water, poo bags, treats and/or food and anything else your dog may need. Make sure you keep your dog wrapped up warm, especially if you are out for a few hours. Our Dog Jumpers are perfect for keeping your canine companion nice and snuggly and can be popped into the washing machine at the end of the day. We also suggest using a Dog Harness as they are often more comfortable for your dog and will give you greater control. Finally, a Hands Free Lead is a great option so that you can enjoy your mulled wine whilst keeping your dog safe! 

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