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Team Top Picks | August

Team Top Picks | August

It's that time again! To help guide you through our large range of products and prints, this month another member of the Hiro + Wolf team will be picking out their favourite products of the month to share with youThis month it's Nicola, our wholesale and online merchandising manager, sharing her top picks for the month.


Favourite Print 
My favourite print in definitely Combs! So much so I have our little Lola with a vegan collar and lead. It won't be long until I have her completely matching with the tag and harness too! I love the print Amy designed, and green is my favourite colour, combined with the little pop of pink it  works so well.


For Dogs 
For dogs- my favourite product is the hands-free/coupler leads- they're so handy and versatile, especially when you have two dogs! 


For Cats
For the cats - my favourite product would be the classic cat collars- they're so dainty a sweet combined with the matching velvet.


#1 Pick 

My favourite for the month is the new cat harnesses- if I had a kitty companion I would definitely enjoy being able to take them on walks with me- and to be so stylish too!


We hope you got some shopping inspiration from Nicola's  top picks this month and look forward to more Team Top Picks in the future! What is your favourite Hiro + Wolf product this month? Don't forget to tag us in your pictures over on Instagram @hiroandwolf and use the hashtag #wearshiroandwolf and show us what products you are loving! 

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