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Team Top Picks | June

Team Top Picks | June

It's that time again! To help guide you through our large range of products and prints, this month another member of the Hiro + Wolf team will be picking out their favourite products of the month to share with you. This month it's Leona, our Social Media Manager, who is sharing her fave products of the month! 


Fave Print

My current favourite print has to be our Over the Rainbow original print! Not only is it fabulously vibrant, it's also purr-fect for Pride Month! I love a splash of colour and this super fun print never fails to make me smile. I also love that it's an original print, so you won't find it anywhere else, which is pretty cool, right? And who doesn't like rainbows?! 

For Cats

We've just had a delivery of our beautiful handmade cat toys and I am absolutely in love with the latest addition - our Bunting Catnip Toy! Made by the lovely Cheyenne as part of our Jubilee Collection, I just love how whimsical and sweet all of our cat toys are, but especially this super limited edition Bunting one. My cat, Oscar, absolutely loves getting his teeth sunk into our crochet toys and they withstand a lot of playing with. 


For Dogs

Poo. Bag. Pouches. I always rave about our Poo Bag Pouches to friends, family and customers. They are such a brilliant way to keep your poo bags neat and tidy whilst also making sure you always have them on you as there's nothing worse than being caught short when out on a walk. My favourite is the Mint Heart as it matches perfectly with all my favourite prints, but there's such a good range to find one that perfectly suits you.  


#1 Pick 

My top pick for this month has to be our stunning Ghanaian Cat Baskets. These handmade baskets make such a beautiful addition to your home and are the perfect cool, shady hideout during these warmer months! I love the fact that they're all so different, whether you're into bright and colourful or more monochromatic looks there's going to be one you fall in love with. My personal favourite is the 'Mustard Band' design


Small Biz Find 

This one easily has to go to Scoff Paper! Ever since I found them on Instagram recently I have been obsessed! They make EDIBLE cards for dogs - what's not to love?! From birthday cards to Valentine's Day cards, they have them all. And in 5 flavours! They're such a fun product and Scoff's founder, Gemma, is just the loveliest person. They're a real family business with a true passion for dogs & who doesn't want to give their dog an edible birthday card?! 

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